The Quartering’s alleged attacker, Matt Loter, who runs Prettiest Princess Games, appears to have an unfulfilled KickStarter from 2013.

YouTuber That Umbrella Guy tipped us off.

The KickStarter was for a “campy card game” called the Glamazons vs. The Curse of the Chainmail Bikini. It raised $15,574 from 339 backers.

Here’s how the KickStarter described the game:

“Pushed to the brink by pervy medieval blacksmiths and sweaty basement dwellers alike, killing monsters is the easy part – now the Glamazons must face their most difficult challenge – finding female armor that is actually functional! Help our intrepid heroes smash, bash and crash through goblin heads, dragon hearts and the male gaze alike; then stare each other down in a battle of wills for who gets the spoils!”

There’s also a video showing you how to play the game:

The campaign promised the game would be shipped to users in April 2014.

However, it’s never been shipped. In fact, the last update in 2016 reads:

“We’re still working on some prepress, and we’re also double checking with a couple of other manufacturers to see if we’re getting the best situation currently available for us. Frankly this project has been terrible for me for a variety of reasons, but Anna and Trish are keeping things moving and getting stuff done, so thank then very very much.”

While the last update was issued back in 2016, Prettiest Princess Games has been responding to comments. The latest comment was dated on July 25, 2018 and asked for an update.

“Any chance we can get an official update? The last one was in 2016. I’d love to see art or processes or something that shows the game is being made. I keep hoping to SEE something :)”

Prettiest Princess Games did not respond.

A previous commenter back on June 8, 2018 asked, “‘Art/layout/prepress’? On December 6 you said everything was ready to go. Which lie should I be believing?”

Prettiest Princess Games did respond to this one:

“And again, switching manufacturing and redoing some elements has delayed things. We’re still creeping towards the finish line here. We’d still be happy to refund anyone who wants it, as we have throughout this whole debacle.

The game is coming. There is zero chance you won’t be getting your game.”

When one user pointed out that Prettiest Princess Games is backing other projects and requested an update as well as a refund, Prettiest Princess Games responded:

“Still inching forward. It sucks. As per usual, I’m a shitty project manager and my efforts continue to be managing other people to do the work I’m hiring them to do. It’s all art/layout/prepress related stuff that I personally have a low level of professional skill with so it falls on others to do the actual work.

I played a few times recently after having not for a long time and I’m happy to report that I still think it’s a great game that I’m still very excited to see actually get printed.

As for backing other stuff, I mostly toss $1 pledges to my friends and then occasionally back something officially for the shop since I already had an account.”

One backer in February of 2018 even asked about a copy of Bearanoia that was supposed to ship in 2016. He never got it.

“So, is this ever going to happen? I reached out about that copy of Bearanoia that supposedly shipped two years ago and haven’t heard anything about that either. I can’t tell if the comment immediately below that “everything else is in place” is from December 6th of 2017 or 2016, but doesn’t it seem like we should have heard something by now either way?”

He never received a response.

On December 6, 2017 Loter had told his backers:

“Pulling teeth from designers to finally get everything press ready at the moment. Everything is otherwise ready to go; printer is ready for updated files, everything else is in place. Blerg.”

Do you think Loter is scamming his backers on KickStarter? It’s been almost 5 years since the KickStarter and over 4 years since the game was supposed to be delivered.