Gen Con has finally issued a statement regarding The Quartering’s assault.

They spoke to the Indianapolis Star saying, “As always, we cooperate with local law enforcement. For more than 50 years, Gen Con has provided a safe, welcoming environment for attendees.”

The Indy Star further reported that “A representative of Gen Con said organizers of the gaming convention have received no requests for assistance by IMPD.”

Gen Con had previously been silencing anyone who brought up The Quartering on their Twitch live stream.

The statement comes after Jeremy Hambly a.k.a. The Quartering filed a police report. That report was confirmed by the Indy Star. In fact, they note the incident took place on “the patio at The Tin Roof, 36 S. Pennsylvania St.

The report includes details Hambly shared on social media including how the altercation started when a stranger, which many believe to be Matt Loter, asked Hambly, “Hey, are you Jeremy.”

The police report continues, “When Hambly responded yes, the suspect struck the victim in the head several times with a fist.” The report continues to describe the incident with Hambly fleeing inside the bar. The suspect then struck and broke one of the bar’s windows, which was documented in Hambly’s aftermath video of the incident.

A Tin Roof spokesman also reported that the bar apparently has no surveillance cameras outside. They did not comment on the incident.

Hambly recently posted to Twitter stating that his people at Gen Con are currently working with police and are taking the event seriously.

Jeremy issued a video response yesterday on the entire situation, where he claimed that the “attack at Gencon was politically motivated, endorsed by employees of Gencon, endorsed by others in the industry and is totally disgusting.”

What’s interesting about the Indy Star’s write-up is they attempt to refute a number of Jeremy’s points, but if you look closely they don’t actually do it. In the first instance, they write:

“In his video, Hambly says that a police officer took an initial statement.

IMPD told IndyStar Thursday afternoon they were unfamiliar with Hambly making a report at that time.”

Notice the different words used. Hambly claimed he gave a police officer a statement, while the IMPD notes they were unfamiliar with making a report at that time. This was confirmed by Hambly in his videos on the incident where he said he did not file a report. It wasn’t until later that he filed the police report.

They would use a similar tactic in the next paragraph.

“Hambly also said in his video that the bar was uncooperative and would not provide surveillance footage of the attack. A Tin Roof spokesman told IndyStar that there are no surveillance cameras outside the bar. The spokesman declined to comment on the incident itself.”

Not having surveillance footage outside of the bar doesn’t dispute Jeremy’s claim whatsoever. The police report indicates he fled inside. It’s possible they have video surveillance from inside and might have been uncooperative in handing it over.

We reached out to Gen Con for a statement, but they did not reply.

What do you make of Gen Con’s statement? What do you think of the Tin Roof’s statement?

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