Batman: White Knight creator and prolific comic book artist Sean Gordon Murphy took to Twitter to provide seven easy business tips for comic book artists.

These tips are supposed to help artists protect their time, wages, self-respect, and sanity.

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His first tip is to get a lawyer and make sure you understand the agreement you are getting yourself into.

He then suggests that you stop working if you haven’t heard from your publisher or writer in more than three days if you are working on a creator owned book.

Next up, he suggests you are CC’d on all communications between the writer and publisher because it might include important information like contract negotiations, scheduling, and sales figures.

His fourth tip is to manage your expectations.

For his fifth tip, he suggests artists ask for a raise especially on subsequent projects with the same publisher.

Sean Gordon Murphy’s sixth tip is to get a hobby outside of comics.

Finally, his seventh tip is to act like a professional and let your meanest friend call you out for your “bullshit.”

What do you make of Sean Gordon Murphy’s advice? Will any of you aspiring and up and coming artists take his advice?

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