Rebel Media host Martina Markota just launched her IndieGoGo for her upcoming graphic novel Lady Alchemy.

Markota is teaming up with artist Major Grubert on the project which sees Lady Alchemy the Burlequest Artist alter ego of Markota become a rising star in the underground art scene in the bustling metropolis of New York City. However, things take a turn when Lady Alchemy discovers her visions of a demonic world are real. Upon discovering these new powers, Lady Alchemy must fight to protect New York City and she will enter a dark realm to take on a mind controlling media executive.

Lady Alchemy

Markota describes the graphic novel as a “love letter to 90s era babe comics and 80s magical girl cartoon shows, but with a TechNoir twist.”

The graphic novel will be 40 pages in length.

Not only does the content make this graphic novel standout with an extremely interesting and topical premise, but Markota also indicates backing Lady Alchemy is more than just backing a graphic novel.

Lady Alchemy

Markota explains Lady Alchemy is one front in “a culture war.” In fact she describes the graphic novel as a “starting pistol for a new cultural race to the top.” She explains, “we believe that in the realm of Comics and its overlapping parallels such as games, film and television we are completely dominating. With comics at the forefront we have seen nothing short of multiple landslide victories – and we must build on this.”

And comics are crucial to the culture war for Markota, “Comics are the seeds of American culture…it all starts with comic book!”

Lady Alchemy

And while Markota is starting with comics, she has big plans for other entertainment platforms through her production company MAGNUM OPUS.

“And, in comics, we have planted an unrivalled victory flag. Thisis where we can build the foundations of our cathedrals, plant our cultural seeds and branch out into neighboring territories such as games, films, toys, print media and all other adjacent entertainment art forms.”

In fact, Markota reveals she has future projects already planned which include:

“Print projects like zines, to a high quality arts and culture quarterly magazine. We’re planning short films and video projects, media like games, cards and collectables, and even spots for our talented musician friends to help in this struggle. The list goes on and on – and the more you get get involved and support us, the more we can do together.”

Lady Alchemy


$25 gets you the 40 page Lady Alchemy graphic novel

$50 gets you the graphic novel along with a semi-gloss print poster of Lady Alchemy. The poster will be 24″x36″.

Another $50 option gets you a limited edition hand-printed signed, stamped, and numbered silkscreen poster. There are only 50 available.

$150 gets you the Lady Alchemy graphic novel, the printed poster and a Lady Alchemy t-shirt

Stretch Goals

$40,000 stretch goals extends the Lady Alchemy graphic novel to 60 pages

$80,000 extends the page count to 80 pages and also unlocks a second t-shirt option

$100,000 adds another high-quality print poster of the second Lady Alchemy cover as well as the second t-shirt option for $50 backers

There will also be other stretch goals announced in the future.

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