Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney creator Ethan Van Sciver announced a brand new publishing company called ALL CAPS Comics that will house Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney and future endeavors he plans on taking on.

Ethan described ALL CAPS Comics as “the name of my publishing. It will be the label under which I solicit my comics through DIAMOND to place my books for sale on the direct market.”

The publishing company will currently be focused on Cyberfrog as well as possible spin-offs from that title. It will also house “all other ideas [Ethan has] for IPs” unrelated to Cyberfrog. Ethan told us Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney will be released in a “new format next year thru DIAMOND under ALL CAPS.”

Ethan is currently the only creator who will be operating under ALL CAPS Comics at this moment, but he’s definitely open to see other creators join him.

“Definitely.  There’s a wealth of brilliant talent working within ComicsGate, and should any of them wish to work for me under this banner, I’d consider how that might happen.”

Ethan also described how he will crowdfund for subsequent titles under ALL CAPS Comics:

“We’ll crowdfund special editions of our titles to pay for the initial print runs of the titles that are published under ALL CAPS.”

As for Ethan’s ultimate goal for ALL CAPS Comics, Ethan wants “A happy and healthy work environment for creators who wish to come along and produce fun comics with me!  We’re out to make lots of money doing what we love, and to entertain as wide and diverse and audience as possible!”

What do you think about ALL CAPS Comics? Will you be supporting its future endeavors?