Grand Rapids Comic-Con has reinvited artist Mike S. Miller after he issued a public apology via Twitter.

Grand Rapids Comic-Con had previously kicked out Miller because they believed he had made “xenophobic comments.” The decision to remove Miller received praise from Marvel Artist Mike Deodato, who had previously issued a pledge to never attend a convention where a Comicsgate member has been invited.

Miller would apologize, writing, “I’d like to issue a public apology to anyone who was personally offended by anything I’ve said, regardless of context. I never meant to disparage any race of gender.”

Just before the apology, Grand Rapids Comic-Con would extend their thanks to Miller and his friends.

After Mike’s apology they would follow that up by re-extending their invitation for Miller to attend the upcoming convention.

Mike and Grand Rapids Comic-Con would go back and forth discussing when Miller might return to the convention.

Mike S. Miller issued a statement to us regarding the whole situation:

“I’m happy that Mark Hodges took the time to watch my livestream last night, and came away with an open heart and mind toward how I felt about the whole situation. My apology was for those who misunderstood my intentions with my comments. I am not a guy who cares about race. I’m a minority myself, but never use it to any advantage. I judge others on their actions, not their intent or even their background. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, as I did with Frank Cho earlier this week after he defamed the crowd out of what I believe to be ignorance. People shouldn’t jump to conclusions without finding out what a person really knows, or what they really think or feel. I try to live my life by that rule, but as with everything, I’m not perfect at it.”

This looks to be a good solution to what had been turning out to be a very ugly situation. I’m glad that Grand Rapids Comic-Con and Mike S. Miller could work together to come to a solution and once again work together to make the comic book industry a welcoming place for all fans!

Are you glad that Grand Rapids Comic-Con reinvited Mike S. Miller?

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