Marvel Comics writer Mark Waid, who is currently penning Doctor Strange, responded to news that he’s being sued by Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer for tortious interference and defamation.

On Facebook, Waid would confirm he is being represented by Mark S. Zaid.

“Yes, I have a lawyer named Mark S. Zaid. I’ve heard all the jokes. HiLARious. (sic) Mine is that I went to him after Mark Xaid was busy and Mark Yaid was tied up.

Oh, and also because he’s a brilliant lawyer. Go do a Google or YouTube search on the guy and prepare to have your hair blown back.

Be well, all.”

Mark Waid Facebook

Waid would follow that up with another Facebook post:

“Catching up:

I am legitimately overwhelmed and humbled by the outpouring of support from all of you I’ve received these last two days. I’ve thanked as many of you personally as I have time to, and I’ll keep making time, but at the moment you’re outpacing me. ?

Unfortunately but obviously, there’s little if anything I can say about the actual lawsuit in a public forum at this time, so that’s my only statement, but I didn’t want anyone’s support to pass unrecognized. Thank you, each and every one of you. For those of you who believe in me, I promise neither I nor the actual facts will let you down.

Be well.”

Mark Waid Facebook

Waid’s latest response comes after a number comic book professionals took to Twitter to start the #IStandWithMarkWaid hashtag. A counter hashtag, #IStandWithYaBoiZack has since been started for Diversity & Comics aka Richard Meyer aka Zack.

What do you make of Waid’s response and fans’ response to the pros hashtag?

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