My Hero Academia unveiled their latest and maybe one of their most unique quirks in Chapter 200. The quirk belongs to Manga Fukidashi and it’s called Comic. It allows him to materialize onomatopoeias into reality!

As you can tell from the spoiler panel above, not only does he have a really unique power, but it’s quite powerful as well. Just by shouting Shwoom!, Wham!, and Zoom!, he’s easily able to create a wall-like string of Katakana to protect his classmates. In fact, the wall is able to withstand a blast from Yuga.  But his power isn’t just brute force. He can also aid his allies. In fact, he does that by manipulating the atmosphere around him creating a humid and muggy climate. This allows Kinoko’s mushrooms to become even more powerful. The mushrooms can grow rapidly and quickly change the battlefield in favor of her classmates.

While this is definitely a new quirk for My Hero Academia, it’s not completely unheard of in Japanese manga. As an astute Twitter user points out a similar power is seen in JoJo’s Bizarre Encylopedia, specifically Koichi Hirose’s power.

There does appear to be a difference in their powers. Koichi’s Act 2 powers allow im to write a sound effect on any surface. If what he writes is touched it can create a special effect based on it. Manga’s powers are a little different in that he is able to just speak them.

I know I’m excited to see how Manga’s unique power will be used once it gets adapted to the anime, which just finished up it’s third season and announced a fourth season. It won’t be the first time we’ve seen him on the show as he appeared during the Sports Festival and the Cavalry Battle in Season 2.

My Hero Academia created by Kohei Horikoshi follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya and his mentor All-Might. Midoriya faces extraordinary challenges in the ways of villains, his own self-doubt, and his fellow classmates at U.A. High School, a school specifically for training the next batch of professional heroes.

What do you make of Manga’s powers? Are you excited to see how he will be adapted into the anime? Or how his powers will play out in the future?

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