World of Warcraft Vanilla team lead Mark Kern issued a warning that society at-large is currently in an “information civil war.”

He goes on to describe how one side uses names like “Nazi, Alt Righter, and Bigot” to label people. In fact, we’ve reported on numerous cases where comic book professionals have used those names to malign fellow creators, customers, and fans. We’ve seen people like Ethan Van Sciver and Diversity & Comics labeled as white supremacists without any shred of evidence. Yet, those labels stick are used to rally other people to malign them and spread this false information.

While Kern points out one side is effective at labeling their opponents, the other side is relatively dormant.

He would then try and crowd source a good name to label his opponents. And it appears he settled on “social terrorist.”

However, the term might not have caught on quick enough as Kern notes that Wired ran an article describing people who support President Trump and Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as “information terrorists.”

Kern then issues a call for people to wake up and begin fighting the war over information and economics. He makes it clear the war isn’t being fought with guns and conventional means. It’s being fought via communication tools, social media, payment processing tools, and even your own job.

He encourages people to fight back with information and “use ALL your words and your freedom of speech.” He also wants to see people create alternative structures for communication, payment, and search.

Kern’s warning comes after a number of moves in recent months that have targeted a number of websites and personalities for their opinions. Firebrand commentator Alex Jones was erased from nearly all of social media including Facebook, Twitter, Apple, and YouTube. Then payment processing company PayPal banned Alex Jones and InfoWars. They claimed Jones and Infowars “promoted hate and discriminatory intolerance against certain communities and religions.”

Jones wouldn’t be the only target. Just this month Roosh Valizadeh posted on Return of Kings that the site is going on a hiatus because their revenues are too low and they’ve been banned from “PayPal and countless ad partners.”

Controversial comic book creator Mags Visaggio would cheer the site taking a hiatus.

Right Wing News founder John Hawkins reported earlier this year that his publication that had been around since 2001 would be shutting down. Hawkins believes Facebook decided to “slowly strangle [his site] to death” following the 2016 campaign season and election of Donald Trump where conservative pages became highly engaged and active. Hawkins believe sites like his helped Trump win the election and that’s why Facebook decided to “slowly strangle” them.

A PJ Media article by Paula Bolyard also claims that Google search results are blatantly prioritize “left-leaning and anti-Trump media outlets.”

There just might be some truth to what Mark Kern is saying.

But what do you think? Do you agree with Mark Kern? Do you think we are in an information civil war? Do you think his advice is prudent?

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