Avengers 4: First Look at Pepper Potts in Iron Man Armor

As we get closer to a potential trailer release and the eventual release date of Avengers 4, a bunch of new leaks are starting to drop. One of the latest is a first look at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Pepper Potts in what many believe is her Rescue Armor.

Check out the photo below!

As we can see in the close-up, she is standing in front of a green screen. Her armor looks like a mix between Iron Man and Wasp aesthetics. Its a shiny piece of armor that has what looks like some leather and metal plating all around. Unlike Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits or War Machine’s armor, there seems to be a leather element. However, this might be just for comfort and the armor could lose the leather aesthetic in post-production edits. For colors, the suit is heavy on both purple and silver. It’s a sharp contrast from Tony’s hot rod red and gold. To top it all off there’s also a place for the Arc Reactor to power the suit.

Paltrow’s Pepper Potts is no stranger to getting involved in combat. In Iron Man 3, she actually saved Tony Stark from a mad Killian Aldrich. While she wasn’t equipped with an Iron Man suit she was exposed to Extremis.

Many believe this image confirms that Potts will take on the superhero persona Rescue. In the comics, Rescue was a suit specifically designed by Tony Stark for Pepper Potts. The suit contained an AI version of Jarvis and was specifically crafted to fit her biology and cybernetic enhancements. Potts in the Rescue armor would go on to face off against Mokk the Breaker of Stone and team up with Iron Man and War Machine against the Detroit Steel Corps. The suit would eventually be destroyed after Jarvis developed romantic feelings and kidnapped her.

Paltrow had provided some hints about potentially taking on the Rescue persona last year when she released a number of videos of herself in motion capture gear.


But that’s not all! A leaked photo allegedly showing a new line-up of Avengers 4 toys from Hasbro’s Hero Vision showcased a bluish purple suit next to Iron Man. It’s more than likely this is Paltrow’s Potts in her own Iron Man armor.

Translated from Japanese by Microsoft
Avengers 4 (provisional), the image appeared to be the lineup of Hasbro. The same route via a previous manufacturer? Oh, I’m not sure if it is said or not, but it was true that the example is a (;´Д`) ※ samune-enhanced, safe and still… Might #Avengers4

All of this seems to point that Pepper Potts is going to suit up and bring some action to the next Avengers movie. The Rescue armor theory also makes sense given Paltrow hinted her character would have some kind of powers going into Avengers 4.

I cannot wait to see Pepper Potts fly her way into the next Avengers movie.

What do you think of the suit? Does it fit well with the character? And what do you think of the unconfirmed rumors of Pepper Potts dawning the Rescue armor? Does it make sense?

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