DC Universe just released their episode four promo of Titans that introduces the Doom Patrol to the DC Universe.

Take a look:

The trailer sees the Titans on the hunt for Raven as her powers continue to grow and are seemingly becoming more unstable. While Starfire and Robin search for Raven, Dick Grayson has his own troubles and his anger seems to be getting the best of him. The trailer shows him savagely beating someone.

The trailer then switches to the Doom Patrol as they’ve somehow managed to captured Raven or at least they have her strapped down to a hospital bed. She’s also hooked up to some monitors as the two members of the Doom Patrol attempt to figure out how to remove what is inside of Raven. Raven doesn’t appear to be resisting, so it’s possible she sought out the Doom Patrol for their help. But when they start experimenting on her, all hell breaks loose.

While the Doom Patrol are experimenting on Raven, it looks like the rest of the Titans team has located her. What appears to be Crazy Jane confronts Beast Boy, Starfire, and Robin. It looks like we might see a Titans vs Doom Patrol showdown in episode 04.

Titans Episode 04 is expected to debut on November 9, 2018. It’s exclusively available on DC Universe, Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ streaming service. The Doom Patrol will spin out of Titans into their own series which is expected to have a release sometime in early 2019 between February and May.

Have you been watching Titans? What do you make of it? Are you excited for the Doom Patrol to show up?