Popular YouTuber commentator That Umbrella Guy admitted on a livestream with Edwin Boyette that he was doxxed and YouTube flagged him restricting his access to live stream.

That Umbrella Guy described how he was doxxed and it failed to affect his employment situation:

“I found out something. I got a call from somebody that was associated from work and we were going to have a meeting. Now, of course, I’m not going to go into the details of the meeting or anything because I don’t want to go too far into that. But I found out that there had been a complaint. And the complaint was that someone, I guess you can guess who that somebody would be if it bothered me and I was worried about it, was involved in an online harassment and hate campaign.”

He goes on to explain what that means:

“Effectively what that says, two things. A person found out who I was, and they had contacted my place of employment. I had been dreading that conversation.”

He then had a message for the person who doxxed him and contacted his employer:

“First of all, excuse the profanity, nice try motherf******! You tried to f*** up my life, and it didn’t work. Sorry about your luck. That’s pretty much not viable.”

He went on state he will be making a video to go into a little more detail, but noted that the person who did contact his employer tried to “use all the buzzwords and all of the bullshit, and I worried about it quite a bit, most people would.”

Not only was That Umbrella Guy doxxed, but he also had his YouTube channel flagged.

YouTuber Just Some Guy also had his YouTube channel flagged. He believes it has something to do with the current lawsuit involving Richard C. Meyer and Mark Waid.

It also appears that another popular YouTuber, Nerkish, has seen his Twitter account deleted. This is unconfirmed.

It’s unclear if these situations are linked, but in my honest opinion it definitely appears to be too much of a coincidence to see three popular Comicsgate YouTubers all come under attack in such close proximity.

These moves come as forums and a number of tech companies institute mass censorship policies in order to eliminate behavior they disagree with.

What do you make of the doxxing against That Umbrella Guy, and the YouTube flags against him and Just Some Guy?

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