Even if it is a joke, it’s one the directors of Avengers: Infinity War are sticking to.

Joe Russo recently opened Duello Restaurant in Los Angeles, and did a little Q&A with the audience there. Someone asked the filmmaker what they would do about Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo, who infamously were noted as having big mouths when it came to spoiling a film.

The bartender at the site asked in reply “Didn’t you fire Mark Ruffalo?”

To which Joe Russo replied, “Yes, we fired Mark Ruffalo. Mark is fired.”

The Running Joke has history

Just a month ago, Ruffalo appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s nightly show and supposedly spoiled the title of the upcoming Avengers 4 film. There’s even some audio supposedly of the interview on Fallon’s show, isolating the voice of Ruffalo against the audience clamor.

Ruffalo tweeted to the show host shortly after the taping:

To which Fallon replied:

And to which the Russos replied:

This is after a number of cryptic messages from the Russos on their Instagram and Twitter teasing the audience about the upcoming Avengers project.

Effective PR

This is all obvious PR for the upcoming film. But it’s impressive that with such a large cast and crew on set in Georgia they are able to keep everything about the film so close to the chest.

And we’re pretty sure that Mark Ruffalo will be appearing in upcoming films for the Avengers. He’s been too popular a character for the superhero team to not have any continuing role. Even if he does have quite a big mouth for spoilers.

The unnamed Avengers 4 film will premiere on May 3rd of 2019.