Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee died at the age of 95, but he left a major impact on the Earth bringing to life the Marvel Universe and creating hundreds if not thousands of characters to populate that universe.

Comic book professionals as well as celebrities and more honored the passing of Stan Lee. They all remembered him their own way; a testament to just how much of an impact Stan Lee had on the world around me.

As for me, Stan Lee’s world of characters reignited my creative spirit. He was able to take me into a world of escape and adventure where superheroes were real, but they were made super not because of their powers or abilities, but because of how they handled tough situations. They might have been defeated, but they would find a way to overcome either through their own ingenuity, but more often than not through the efforts of their friends and teammates. Stan Lee’s characters and worlds showed me determination and will to keep trying no matter how often you fail.

While Stan Lee is gone, his creations and worlds will continue on and they will continue to inspire countless readers, movie goers, TV watchers, fanatics, and of course true believers!