There finally appear to be some more concrete plot details for Todd McFarlane’s upcoming Spawn movie starring Jamie Foxx.

McFarlane has been pretty open about his vision for the film, previously indicating Spawn would be more in the vain of Jaws. In fact, he even described Spawn’s role in the film as like the shark in Jaws. Instead the film would focus on New York Police detective Twitch Williams played by Marvel Cinematic Universe star Jeremy Renner.

A new report from SuperBroMovies elaborates on the plot details we’ve already heard straight from McFarlane.

“We’ve exclusively learned that the movie will focus on NYPD detective Twitch (Renner) after he loses his daughter to gang violence. He then begins his quest for revenge by enlisting the help of his ex-partner Danny to aid in his investigation of the criminal factions in New York. Twitch quickly realizes he’s in over his head as he learns that two of the largest organizations are teaming up to take over the criminal underworld of the city.”

That definitely sounds like a good plot given it has a ton of thematic elements consistent with [easyazon_link identifier=”B009L7QO6W” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Death Wish[/easyazon_link] starring Charles Bronson and later remade with Bruce Willis.

Now you might be wondering, where does Spawn come into play. Well, the report indicates that Spawn visits Twitch and provides him knowledge about his daughter’s death. He also lets Twitch know that he’s Spawn and can aid him in his quest for justice.

This is the first major news about the film since we learned that Oscar winner Jamie Foxx was signed to take on the role of Spawn earlier this year.

Months ago Todd McFarlane made clear that his upcoming take on Spawn wasn’t going to be like the film from the 90s. Instead, the movie will lean more into the comic books’ horror roots among other details that suggest that the story will follow a protagonist other than Al Simmons (Spawn). This would also separate Spawn from many other comic book movies which primarily start out as origin stories introducing characters and their abilities. If this report is true, Al Simmons will already be Spawn and appears to be active in the world for quite some time as it looks like he will have some extensive knowledge of the criminal underworld

McFarlane also hinted back in May at the possibility of a trilogy for Spawn if all things go well. He’s also been hyping the violence and horror the film will contain describing it as “dark” and “nasty.” Given these reported plot details, it appears McFarlane wasn’t boasting whatsoever.

Personally, I have always hoped for something like what we saw in the HBO Spawn animated series from a number of years ago. Even though this might not be it, this feels like a step in the right direction.

Spawn is expected to go into production sometime next year.

What do you think? Does this sound like something you’d watch?