Zack Snyder hasn’t been shy about sharing on his Vero account what was left out of the theatrical release of [easyazon_link identifier=”B077H3VB76″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Justice League[/easyazon_link]. Mostly, he comments on curious pictures shared by fans or shares a storyboard from an unfilmed scene. And he makes room for routine trolling of his old bosses at DC.

But, lately, his Easter Eggs have gotten more substantial. Snyder personally shared an image from a deleted scene that presents one of the more overt hints at Darkseid to date that didn’t make it into the final film. A carving on an ancient Greek slab depicts the silhouette of the Lord of Apokolips. He appears to be unifying all three Mother Boxes.

Have a look at the image below.

The image likely comes from Wonder Woman doing research on the history of the Mother Boxes. This is consistent with the plot of Justice League and the role the Greek pantheon of gods played in repelling an invasion by Steppenwolf’s army.

Also present is a spear held in Darkseid’s right hand. Reports suggest this is the Spear of Destiny, another famous and sought-after relic from ancient times thought to have mystical properties. The Spear has appeared in DC Comics before, used as an instrument for controlling others, which Darkseid is known for time and again.

Snyder’s caption, “A bell can’t be unrung,” is a quote from Lex Luthor during his confrontation with Batman in his cell at the end of Dawn of Justice. The consensus was Lex referred to Darkseid and Snyder may be confirming that’s who he had in mind. By virtue of Joss Whedon’s reshoots and the studio cut of Justice League, it turned out the looming threat was Steppenwolf instead.

Much of what Snyder filmed and had planned didn’t make it into the finished product, including all indications of Darkseid, except for one ambiguous, throwaway line by Steppenwolf that amounted to nothing.

As soon as Justice League hit screens last year a petition calling for the restoration of the director’s vision was issued.  Snyder publicly threw his support behind it, fanning the flames of what is unfolding now in the aftermath. If fans get their way it could mean the return of Darkseid to the seat of villainy in the DCEU.

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