A brand new Avengers 4 theory believes that Erik Selvig’s breakdown in Thor: The Dark World could play a key role in defeating Thanos and possibly opening the door to the introduction of the Fantastic Four and the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

If you recall, Selvig was afflicted by the Mind Stone in the first Avengers film when Loki attempted to conquer planet Earth. While the Avengers were able to put a stop to Loki and Thanos’ machinations; Thanos had given Loki the scepter containing the Mind Stone in the first place, Selvig’s mental state was deeply affected. In fact, in Thor: The Dark World, Selvig is arrested by British police after he stripped naked and began running around Stonehenge. The idea is that Loki allowed the Mind Stone to give Selvig too much information that his brain couldn’t process it in a timely manner thus driving him to apparent insanity.

If you don’t remember, the clip below will refresh your member!

This Avengers 4 theory comes courtesy of Reddit user mushbert. Mushbert posits that Erik Selvig holds special knowledge due to his previous connection with the Mind Stone that will allow the Avengers to defeat Thanos. Much of the theory is based off Selvig’s chalkboard where he attempts to put down much of the information he gathered while under the sway of the Mind Stone.

Erik Selvig Chalkboard

Mushbert explains that not only has Selvig already predicted events through the chalkboard, but it’s also the key to defeating Thanos.

Erik Selvig’s Predictions

If you notice on the chalkboard, Selvig has written down “Phase Transition” in the bottom right hand corner. This became a key plot point in Ant-Man and The Wasp with the introduction of Ghost. Mushbert posits that the Phase Transition technology could be combined with Tony Stark’s Binary Augmented Retro Framing technology that was showcased at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War and powered by an arc reactor to allow the Avengers to travel between dimensions as well as through time. He specifically believes this tech might have to be used in Sakaar, where the Grandmaster made his home in Thor: Ragnarok.

If you look closely at the chalkboard, Selvig has also written down 616 universe. While this is an Easter Egg for comic book readers, the 616 universe refers to the main Marvel Universe, it also hints that Selvig is completely aware of multiple dimensions within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. These multiple dimensions were confirmed in Doctor Strange with Dormammu’s Dark Dimension. In fact, you can see written above “Phase Transition,” a dark energy universe! This could be in reference to Dormammu’s Dark Dimension or the Cancerverse as seen in Marvel Comics.

The Chalkboard also references The Crossroads. In the comics The Crossroads is a nexus that allows people to access different dimensions. Mushbert posits this could be a reference to Sakaar given Thor: Ragnarok lets us know that in Sakaar time is much different than anywhere else. This is known when The Grandmaster claims he would be “millions of years old” outside of Sakaar. Not only does time act differently in Sakaar, but it is specifically noted that the planet is surrounded by cosmic gateways. It’s possible those cosmic gateways could lead to other dimensions.

Another point on the board that hints to time travel as well as dimension travel is found directly above “Phase Transition.” It reads Fractal Gateways Connecting Multiple Branes. This idea was introduced in Ant-Man and The Wasp and hints at interdimensional travel through the Quantum Realm.

Avengers 4 Predictions

With the groundwork laid regarding Selvig’s known predictions, Mushbert believes that Avengers 4 will truly lead into Marvel Studios’ focus in the cosmic realm, a fact that Kevin Feige has openly talked about. He believes that through time and interdimensional travel, there is the possibility of a second Infinity Gauntlet appearing. That Gauntlet, like the first will be assembled, and will have its own snap. However, this snap will be different. It will attempt to undo Thanos’ original snap, but the new burst of power will create a fault or tear in the universe that will bring about the appearance of beings far more powerful than Thanos, including the Eternals.

Mushbert believes it’s possible that Thanos might be the one to actually snap the Infinity Gauntlet again. The theory indicates that will realize his idea of balance is wrong during his time of reflection. He will begin to understand the love and empathy he feels for Gamora. But he will also inadvertently travel into the Soul Stone and become overcome by the guilt of all the dead he has trapped within it. This will make Thanos want to correct his past mistake.

Introduction of the Fantastic Four and X-Men

With the idea of the fault created, Mushbert believes it will not only allow Marvel Studios to move forward on their cosmic plans with the Eternals, but also to introduce the Fantastic Four and potentially the X-Men following Disney’s acquisition of Fox’s Marvel properties which include the Fantastic Four and the X-Men.

It would also allow for different incarnations of our favorite heroes. There would still be a Captain America, but he might be from another dimension. Feige has hinted that there would be different incarnations of Marvel’s most popular characters following Avengers so this could work.

While Mushbert does an excellent job pointing out everything on Selvig’s chalkboard, I’m not convinced about his idea on Thanos being guilted into changing his mind. It’s more than likely, Thanos will fight to maintain the order he has created. It’s also possible he might find an even deeper idea of balance upon discovering the multiverse, and might decide to wage war against the Eternals or other cosmic beings if they show up. I don’t see Thanos succumbing to guilt. If he did, would he even have had the ability to get the Soul Stone?

What do you make of this theory? Do you think it’s plausible? Is there anything else you see on Erik Selvig’s chalkboard that could hint at the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?


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