It’s a rather absurd topic but kids the world over, and some adults, ponder this age-old question: how does a superhero use the bathroom when the need arises?

There is an actual basis for this question. Most super suits and regalia are skintight and don’t come with a zipper. In that sense, they are not very practical.

This is one of the things that came up in a video chat, Entertainment Weekly held with Aquaman stars Jason Momoa and Amber Heard who are out promoting the movie.

Obviously, it was a much more lighthearted moment on the promotional rounds. So Momoa had some fun with it. He shared the big secret, answering the critical and time-honored quandary at hand in his own way, which is learning to hold it.

“You’ve gotta be really good at holding it,” he said sarcastically.

Amber Heard added the costumes are ornately detailed and commented that they had to be vacuum-sealed into them. That’s when Momoa chimed in with his humorous observation on the classic Aquaman attire he’ll be wearing.

“It looks like it’s easy to pee in that. But really it’s not. And if you have the poopsies, it is very challenging.”

The DC editorial staff, and no doubt the costume department at Warner Studios, just may take said challenge into account in the future, if only for the sake of continuity.

Aquaman comes out on December 21. Projections question how successful it will be but audience reactions have been positive so far. Tickets are already on sale and breaking pre-order records.

Any lingering jitters are understandable. The shared universe arc started by Zack Snyder with Man of Steel was rife with interference and his plans wound up being largely scrapped. Warner looks to be wiping the slate clean with their next two years of DC releases.

That could spell trouble for Atlantis, but director James Wan and fans are excited to see the film on the big screen. Wan is no amateur at balancing franchises and shared universes, being the creator of the Conjuring-verse, and more want to see the movie succeed rather than fail.

And one thing Warner and DC have done right in the past two years since Dawn of Justice is Wonder Woman – a profitable, ravely received first-time solo outing for a major character.  Those are good signs that Aquaman will do well.