DC’ s Extended Universe (DCEU) looks like it will be getting a soft reboot with Snyder out of the picture and the new slate of films coming down the pike in the next two years, most of them focusing on DC’s female heroes and anti-heroes, with the exception of Joker. 

Regardless of what happens, two people who most likely won’t be back to witness the new era are Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. With each passing day, their departures are looking more like a reality. Former cast mates still holding the line at Warner Bros., such as Jason Momoa, acknowledge that the two men have possibly moved on.

Speaking with The Huffington Post, Momoa was very candid about the development, stating it comes down to business and each actor’s desire to do other things.

“If they’re both out, then listen: It’s just the place they’re at in their careers. I mean, how many has Henry done? He’s done three? Yeah, I mean, like, you want to move on. I think if I did… s**t, I have done three.”

Reflecting on Affleck, he had nothing but praise for his co-star’s skill and respects him if he wishes to quit. “Ben is an amazing director that is of age, and probably he’s done enough. I don’t know how to speak on behalf of them, but I had the time of my life [on ‘Justice League’].” said Momoa.

He would add on to that praising Ben’s directing and acting abilities,

“Ben is just a phenomenal director. I just love picking his brain because he’s what I want to be as a director. I love filmmaking and that process, and I enjoyed Ben’s company, because when I see him in pain, putting that cowl on, he’s in pain. That makes me happy, and a joy to get through. We all have to put these suits on and get through grueling times. When he’s in pain, and I can see it happening, it just tickles my heart.”

About Cavill, Momoa recalls, as the grizzled veteran of the DC movies, he was a mentor on set and had a big impact on his conduct. “Henry is the gentleman who taught me when I came on not knowing anything,” he said.

Momoa expanded on that, saying:

“I’m like the ruffian hooligan, and he’s just like, ‘There’s kids watching,’ and I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah. My bad.’ He is totally 100 percent the Superman for me.”

Cavill will certainly be missed if he indeed has departed his role as Superman. His comic-accurate look and ability to delve into different facets of the character made for a Superman few could duplicate. There is a hint of studio politics at play but what complicates Cavill staying on as Superman logistically is his commitment to Netflix’s The Witcher now in production

We reported previously about Ben Affleck’s rocky status as Batman in the DCEU. There’s a recurring question of if he is all in for Matt Reeves’ The Batman or if the part will get recast. What we do know is there is a script that could involve flashbacks and any change in who wears the cape and cowl will be front page news.

When it comes to Momoa as Aquaman, there is nothing to worry about. Early ticket sales and the way Aquaman is performing in China earned the film plans for a sequel and talk of a contract extension for its star. Whatever path the DCEU takes in the future, Jason Momoa will be a part of it.