Comic book writer Brian Michael Bendis took to his now annual tradition of teasing 10 things that he has in the works for the upcoming year. He’s got quite a bit planned with Batman Beyond, OMAC, and Legion of Super-Heroes included in his 10 image tease.

Bendis took to Instagram where he explained how his 10 image teasers work:

“If you’re just joining us, every year I throw out a 10 part abstract tease of things that are coming in one shape, form or another. These are teases. They are meant to delight and frustrate.”

Here’s what we’ve gathered from the 10 images so far.

1. Batman Beyond

This is most likely drawn by Michael Avon Oeming a long-time collaborator of Bendis.

2. Close up of Wonder Woman’s forehead and tiara.

It’s possible this could be related to the events happening in Justice League Dark. It was revealed that Wonder Woman had been given one-fifth of the witch goddess Hecate’s magical might. A mark that was covered up with Wonder Woman’s tiara.

3. Insert from Kamandi: The Last Boy on Earth #29

In the story Kamandi teams up with Ben Boxer who performs a number of feats to prove that he is the “Mighty One” returned. After Ben Boxer has performed these feats he is awarded with Superman’s suit, but not before having to stave off an angry ape named Zuma, who does not believe he truly is the “Mighty One” returned.

4. Insert from Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane #114

This image possibly hints at the return of Thorn in Bendis’ current runs on Superman and Action Comics.

Thorn is a superhero with multiple personalities. By day she is Rhosyn “Rose” Forrest, the daughter of a Metropolis police officer. One day her father is killed by a criminal gang named The 100. Her father’s death awakens her vigilante personality known as Thorn, who stalks the streets of Metropolis at night seeking to bring to justice The 100.

5. Panel inset from DC Comics’ New 52 Batman #18 drawn by Alex Maleev

Bendis and Maleev are long time collaborators working on Iron Man for Marvel Comics. It’s possible this could be hinting at a DC Black Label Batman series from Bendis. Or it could see Bendis and Maleev team up on Batman for the Wal-Mart exclusive Batman series Bendis has been writing with artist Nick Derington.

6. Close-up of OMAC

It’s more than likely OMAC will feature in Bendis’ upcoming story arcs in Superman and/or Action Comics.

7. Close-Up of Legion of Super-Heroes Logo

It’s more than likely the Legion of Super-Heroes will show up in the DC Universe following the events of Doomsday Clock.

8. Wildfire Face-plate Potentially Showing Polar Boy’s Reflection

In another hint at the Legion of Super-Heroes, Wildfire was actually fan-voted to become the leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes. However, his path to become the leader of the Legion of Super-Heroes was not without failure. He was actually initially denied membership in the Legion of Super-Heroes.

9. Possible Johnny Thunder and Jakeem Thunder Connection

Johnny Thunder has been featured throughout Rebirth hinting at the existence of the Justice Society of America. He was prominently featured in The Button crossover where he took full blame for the disappearance of the Justice Society of America. He also appeared in DC: Rebirth #1 where he was encouraged to use the genie to find the Justice Society of America.

The genie was trapped in a pen and given the focus on the pen in this image, it’s possible they could be connected.

It’s also possible this could be a new Jinxworld project, Bendis is working on, and it has nothing to do with DC Universe continuity.

10. Jon Kent

This appear to be a close-up of Jonathan Kent aka Superboy undergoing some kind of experiment or receiving treatment.

Is there something we missed that you think these images could be teasing at? Which ones are you most excited about?