Why Warner Bros. delayed The Batman has been the subject of controversy, hearsay, and conjecture. Over the past few weeks, it’s centered around who will wear the cape. Ben Affleck is probably getting phased out in favor of Jack O’Connell, and that might restart the franchise yet again.

Recently, we learned The Batman will no longer be called The Batman.

Screenwriter Mark Hughes who reports extensively on the situation with The Batman’s production, attests to quite a bit of what we already know.

For one, Matt Reeves’ script is written for a younger actor and he is exercising creative control over the process. This backs up our earlier report about Affleck and Reeves’ creative friction. Reeves might cast Jack O’Connell but, for now, the Brit actor is only a hypothetical choice mentioned more than any other lately. There have been no negotiations between him and the studio. Hughes also takes some of the credit for O’Connell rising to the top of the list.

Hughes also confirms The Penguin is the top prospect for the villain, like we’ve been hearing — potentially accompanied by one other yet to be named. Moreover, old Oswald will probably pull Bats into a caper that will showcase his unparalleled detective skills more than any film has before. The detective-story narrative has been an expected leitmotif since Affleck was attached to write and direct.

He also says the November start date for cameras to roll is not official. Production should start sometime toward the end of the year but that is about as specific as we can expect for a while. Hughes adds a 2021 release or later is only natural for a Batman movie, using Christopher Nolan’s trilogy as an example. They took 14 months to complete and reach screens.

Throughout his piece, Hughes reminds readers Warner is a busy studio with a diverse slate. They are responsible for more than the DC Extended Universe. Harry Potter comes to mind as another big moneymaker for them. He praises Walter Hamada’s leadership and ability to adjust, which they are doing now that Zack Snyder’s services aren’t required.

Things will gradually be announced when they are official, and they will be soon. In short, eager fans need to be a little more patient.

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