James McAvoy fresh off his multiple performances in 2019’s Glass is already ready to take on a new project. This time he wants to play a young Jean-Luc Picard in the upcoming CBS All Access Picard centered Star Trek show.

For many fans, you might remember that if it happens, it wouldn’t be the first time that the Scottish actor would be playing a young version of a character previously played by Patrick Stewart. In the X-Men franchise McAvoy took on the role of a young Charles Xavier role, one he will reprise in X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

McAvoy revealed his desire to play the young Picard in an interview with MTV News. Check out the video below:

McAvoy makes his playful pitch to viewers by taking on some of Picard’s more iconic catchphrases such as “make it so” and “engage.” He goes on to promise that if he could take on the role of a younger Picard that he would take it to a whole other place.  “I will take you where no Star Trek fan has gone before.” He adds, “I will reveal things about Jean-Luc Picard that nobody even wanted to see. I will rip this captain to shreds.”

McAvoy’s take would certainly be interesting, to say the least. One of the most iconic episodes of [easyazon_link identifier=”B01BP06ENA” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Star Trek: The Next Generation[/easyazon_link] is Tapestry. In the episode Captian Picard’s artificial heart is disabled due to an energy blast. This prompts Q to step into Picard’s mind right at the moment of death and offer him a choice, a choice that would allow him to make certain changes in his life.

But as you’d expect it didn’t work out so well.

If that is something James McAvoy wants to do, then it surely would be one very interesting pitch, to say the least. During the interview, McAvoy recounted a story that Patrick Stewart told him about working on Star Trek: The Next Generation:

“He told me a really good story once about how he was also the captain of the actors on set (some of the other cast members of Next Gen will be like, ‘What? I was the boss’), but when they had to do torpedo hits or photon torpedo hits on the Enterprise or whatever, they all had to, they’d have to, ‘Whoa!’ do the classic thing, and then he would be in charge of setting the tone so that everybody was on the same level. And they’d be like, ‘What’d you think, Patrick?’ and he’d be like ‘Oh, that’s a number three.’ And the whole cast knew what a number one was.”

But before you get too excited about James McAvoy becoming Picard, he has some doubts that it could actually happen.

“No, I’m not expecting to get a call to play the young Jean-Luc, unfortunately. But I will be tuning in and I can’t wait to see what he does because he’s a brilliant actor and he’s amazing in that role and it’s just nice that Star Trek are looking forward than just spaceship and a crew, do you know what I mean? They’re doing something different, and that’s awesome.”

Would you like to see the duo work together in the new Picard Star Trek show? And what do you think of the fact that Jean-Luc Picard won’t be a Captain in the new series? The CBS All Access exclusive is expected to be released later in 2019.