Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been in a long-standing social media “dispute” for a long time. Both actors have teased each other through Instagram posts, Tweets, and gags.  The most infamous dispute between the two has been Reynolds relentless pursuit to get Hugh Jackman to return to the role of Wolverine for a team-up or even a versus film with Deadpool and Wolverine.

Now, it seems the pair are officially forming a truce. Why you might ask? Well for coffee of course!

Check out the announcement below:

It seems the [easyazon_link identifier=”B06XDRTLNY” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Logan[/easyazon_link] star has decided to take the approach Reynolds has taken when it comes to business. But unlike his Canadian adversary, he’s not getting into the gin business, but instead will produce coffee. His company is called Laughing Man Coffee. And it seems that Ryan Reynolds will be making an ad for it!

As you’d expect Twitter lit up like fireworks with this Tweet with many fans of both actors celebrating that announcement:

With one even suggesting another name for Hugh Jackman’s company:

Personally, I was partial to this suggestion:

Now, why would Hugh Jackman want Ryan Reynolds to make an AD for his new coffee company? Well, it turns out he has some experience. Last December the star shared a video on his official YouTube channel. It was an ad for his new gin company called [easyazon_link identifier=”B07HLYR1SW” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Aviation Gin[/easyazon_link]. The video “The Process” walks the viewer through the long, comical, and exaggerated process the company goes through to craft the “perfect” gin.

Check out the video below:

I will admit shortly after viewing this ad I gave into an unnatural urge to purchase a bottle for myself. I did, and I don’t regret it in the least.

But this isn’t the first time that Reynolds has gone out of his way to work with Jackman. Back in late 2017, he made clear that he wanted to see a Deadpool/Wolverine movie. Though it didn’t go anywhere the two have found plenty of other creative ways to work with one another. In April Deadpool crashed Jackman’s birthday message, again teasing the possibility of the pair working together with their respective characters.

Then in May of last year, Hugh Jackman gave a hilarious spoiler free Review of Deadpool 2.  It’s great to see the pair finding new ways to work together. And I’m sure we will see renewed interest for Jackman to reprise his role of Wolverine for one last outing with Reynolds’ Deadpool.

How do you think that ad will turn out? Is it something that you’re anticipating now? Are you glad Reynolds and Jackman have called a truce? Could this lead to a potential Wolverine and Deadpool film?