Dragon Ball Super: Broly voice actor Vic Mignogna took to Twitter to address a new sexual misconduct allegation made against him.

Mignogna would break his radio silence on Friday, February 8th where he called out alleged threats being made by fans who are supporting him. He declared, “LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR that I would NEVER condone anything approaching this whatsoever, and I call upon anyone doing it to STOP THIS IMMEDIATELY.”

He would follow that up by encouraging his followers to “spread love and understanding.”

A new allegation would surface against the voice actor from Rosario + Vampire voice actor Jamie Marchi on February 8th. Marchi claims Mignogna grabbed her by the hair and “jerked his fist, yanking my head backwards and towards him.” She would go on to state that he whispered “something in my ear. She would describe it as “sexual in nature.”

Mignogna would seemingly address this new allegation stating, “Please remember… there are always two sides to every story.”

Sexual misconduct allegations against Mignogna surfaced following the wild success of Funimation’s Dragon Ball Super: Broly. Mignogna denied the allegations via a Twitter post in January stating, “Finally, any allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault, or most disturbingly, pedophilia are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FALSE. My heart weeps for anyone who endures a violation of this kind, so to be accused of harming others in this way…I have no words.”

Mignogna would appear at Bak-Anime 2019 where he would deny the allegations in more detail.

“Now I have to just say this, but any kind of claims of assault or  molestation or abuse, no. My heart hurts for the people that actually have been and my heart hurts for anyone who feels that. I am mortified to think that I would have made somebody feel that way.”

Despite Mignogna’s denial of the allegations, a number of his employers removed him from projects. Rooster Teeth cut Mignogna from RWBY, where he voiced Qrow Branwen. Funimation would also replace him in Morose Monokean II, where he voiced the Executive.

FanCons would also report that a number of conventions withdrew their invitation for Mignogna to attend. They include:

  • Anime NYC 2019
  • Kamcha Con UK 2019
  • Religh Supercon 2019
  • Florida Supercon 2019
  • Rangerstop & Pop Con 2019
  • Phoenix Fan Fusion 2019
  • Kamcha Con 2019
  • Kawaii Kon 2019
  • Emerald City Comic Con 2019
  • Kami Con 2019.

Do you think Mignogna should have been replaced by Rooster Teeth and Funimation? What do you make of this new allegation against Mignogna?

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