Brie Larson confirmed Marvel approached her to make Captain Marvel a “big feminist movie.”

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight during a set visit last May, Brie Larson confirmed Marvel approached her about making Captain Marvel a feminist movie.

“I had a meeting with Marvel and what we discussed is they wanted to make a big feminist movie.”

Director Anna Boden would confirm the feminist nature of the film, “The story lends itself to it.” She would add, “We’re not trying to make this movie about all women. We can’t make it about all women’s journeys, but just be really true to this woman’s journey.”

Larson would go on to describe Carol Danvers as “wild.”

“The fact that she is just herself and cannot be contained is pretty awesome. It means that she’s, like, wild! I love that she’s unapologetic. I love that she’s not apologizing for her strength, first as a human in the Air Force. That she’s never trying to shrink herself because of who she is. She can’t even be somebody else if she wanted to. She can’t.”

Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson would echo Larson’s previous comments about just how strong Captain Marvel is in comparison to the other Marvel heroes we’ve seen on the big screen.

“[The Avengers] are up against some really, really tough odds right now — we saw throughout Infinity War — so now we need something that’s as powerful as Thanos. At some point, we’ll find out how powerful she is and all the things that she’s capable of. She’s one of the few people in the Marvel universe that can time travel, so…”

Captain Marvel producer Jonathan Schwartz would describe the film as a “90s action movie.” He states, “Along the lines of RoboCop or Terminator 2: [Judgment Day] or Total Recall. It’s a high concept ’90s action thriller.” Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige previously compared the film to the Terminator franchise, “These are definitely homages to our favourite ’90s action films.” He would specifically reference Terminator 2, “Those cool street-level fights and car chases.”

Schwartz goes into detail about how this film will feel more like Winter Soldier and Civil War than Guardians of the Galaxy.

“[Anna and Ryan] had a really cool sensibility and a take on the sci-fi genre that was a little more grounded than I think what we’d seen in some of the other Marvel movies. They really liked Winter Soldier and they really liked Civil War and wanted to make this movie feel a little more like that than the Guardians movies had.”

Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019.

What do you make about Brie Larson’s confirmation that Captain Marvel is supposed to be a “big feminist movie?” Will that dissuade you from seeing the movie?