Some alleged major spoilers for Captain Marvel have leaked on Reddit that detail much of the film’s plot. The Reddit leak is a shortened, summarized version from Chinese website Douban.

The Chinese website includes a number of screenshots from the film backing up their version of events.

The alleged leak details the major story beats including how Carol Danvers becomes a member of the Kree Starforce team, how she arrives back on Earth, the true identity of Jude Law’s character, and why Ronan split from the Kree Empire.

The alleged leak first details that Danvers is ambushed by a Skrull spaceship while test-flying a new ship. She is caught in the explosion of a Kree device and is granted superpowers, similar to her comic book origin, but without Mar-Vell’s Kree DNA bonding to her own.

Following the explosion, Danvers is rescued by Jude Law’s Yon-Rogg and taken to the Kree homeworld of Hala, where she is brainwashed into becoming a Kree warrior and recruited into Starforce.

During a mission with Starforce, Carol and her team are ambushed by the Skrulls and everyone, but Carol is killed. Carol is captured, but manages to escape the Skrull ship where she is being held along with the flerken a.k.a the cat named Goose. Danvers not only escapes but blows up the ship and crash lands on Earth along with four Skrull survivors including Talos.

Talos and his team then infiltrate S.H.I.E.L.D. and attempt to use their resources to track down and capture Carol Danvers.

After crash landing on Earth, Danvers runs into Nick Fury and Phil Coulson after Fury believes she is about to steal from him. Things go south for Danvers when she detects a Skrull spy with Fury and kills him. She is forced to go on the run.

However, after Fury examines the body of the dead Skrull, he suspects more of his colleagues could be aliens. He reaches out to Carol and leads her to a secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base where she learns about her past as an Air Force pilot. She also reunites with her best friend Maria Rambeau and her daughter Monica.

Danvers also learns of the whereabouts of the Tesseract. S.H.I.E.L.D. is keeping it on a secret space station. The team sets out to retrieve it, even kidnapping a Skrull who had been tailing them.

Captain Marvel’s team is able to retrieve the Tesseract, but are ambushed by Talos and his Skrulls. Danvers sends Fury and Rambeau back to Earth just before Ronan arrives and explains that the Kree and Skrulls have made a deal with Thanos. In exchange for the Tesseract, Thanos will aid the Kree and reveals that whoever controls the Tesseract will turn the direction of the war.

Ronan also reveals that the original ship that ambushed Carol when she was simply a test pilot for the Air Force was actually a Kree ship.

Upon hearing this information, Carol is once again able to break free. She attacks both Kree and Skrulls until Jude Law’s Yon Rogg appears.

She discovers that Yon Rogg is actually a Super Skrull and the original Yon-Rogg was lured into a trap on Earth and assassinated by a Skrull spy so he could take his place. It’s also revealed that Carol was actually test flying a Tesseract-powered spaceship when she stumbled upon the ambush. Yon-Rogg also reveals that Danvers’ DNA was merged to the Tesseract by the Kree device that exploded, which explains why she is so powerful.

Upon discovering, Carol’s immense powers, the Super Skrull decided to shape Danvers into the perfect soldier so she could be brainwashed by the Skrulls and used as a weapon.

Carol and the Super Skrull then launch into a massive fight against each other with the Super Skrull copying her abilities making it an evenly matched fight. However, Carol is able to overcome him when she remembers why she became a member of the Air Force. She then vaporizes the Super Skrull.

The movie comes to a close with Danvers leaving the Tesseract in Fury’s protection. She also forces a peace treaty between the Skrulls and Kree. However, Ronan refuses this treaty and goes rogue becoming the exile we meet in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Carol gives Nick Fury the pager seen in the end credits of Avengers: Infinity War and lets him know it’s in case of emergencies. She then heads off into space informing him she will become a one-woman defense against intergalactic war.

If this alleged leak is true, the film will definitely alter Captain Marvel’s origin in a huge way. But that shouldn’t be a big surprise producer Jonathan Schwartz confirmed the origin would be altered.

He told Entertainment Tonight, “That origin story had to be updated a little bit for a modern audience. I’m really curious to see what fans of the character think about what we’ve done with that moment.”

What do you make of this alleged leak? Do these plot details get you excited about Captain Marvel or do they make you less enthused to see the movie?

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