Marvel Studios is reportedly developing an r-rated Blade movie starring Wesley Snipes.

This new report comes from We Got This Covered who states a source told them “that Marvel is currently planning an R-rated Blade movie…it’s said that the star of previous film is likely to be involved in the project.” They also reveal the studio already has a script which has Blade training his daughter, who would most likely be Fallon Grey.

Actor Wesley Snipes, who portrayed Blade on the big screen in three movies, has vociferously campaigned to return to the role. Back in December of 2017, Snipes took to Twitter to indicate that there is only one Blade.

In February of last year, Snipes would talk to The Hollywood Reporter revealing he’s very open to returning to Blade.

“I am very much open to all of the possibilities. If Blade 4 comes along, that is a conversation we can have. And there are other characters in the Marvel universe that, if they want to invite me to play around with, I am with that too. I think the fans have a hunger for me to revision the Blade character, so that could limit where they could place me as another character in that universe.”

Snipes would state that he’s actually had conversations with Marvel Studios in an interview with Vice.

“All the main execs [at Marvel] and my team, we’ve been discussing for the past two years. Everyone’s enthusiastic about it, everybody gets it. But they got a business to run and they gotta square the things that they gotta figure out before they can get to it, I guess. In the meantime, we got a business to run and our own slate of things to do so…

But the next time you see something in [the Blade universe], mark my words: what we did before is child’s play compared to what we can do now.”

However, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige spoke to JoBlo and described Blade as “a legacy character.” But he did leave the door open for a Blade film.

“We think it would be cool. Someday. My tenure at Marvel started 17 years ago, and there were two things that sort of launched the modern era. One was X-Men, which was the first thing that people said, “Oh, there’s life here.” But a few years before that, there was Blade. A character nobody had heard of at all, had only appeared in a few issues of Tomb of Dracula or something, turned into a big franchise. That was always a great lesson for me, where you go, ‘It doesn’t matter how well known the character is, it matters how cool the movie is.’ Which, many years later, would be the reason we do Guardians of the Galaxy, Doctor Strange. I think Blade is a legacy character now, and I think it would be fun to do something with him one day.”

The idea of an R-Rated Blade film isn’t out of the realm of possibility, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed that Disney would be interested in creating a R-rated Marvel brand that would house films like Deadpool and Logan.

“[Deadpool] clearly has been and will be Marvel branded. But we think there might be an opportunity for a Marvel-R brand for something like Deadpool. As long as we let the audiences know what’s coming, we think we can manage that fine.”

As for the idea of Blade training his daughter, the concept isn’t all that new. Comic book writer Tim Seeley was slated to write a Blade book focused on Blade’s daughter, a new character named Fallon Grey, but he eventually quit the project before it ever made it to print.

Seeley explained why he dropped the project:

“The long story is when Marvel hired me, I had just written ten years of a horror comic starring a female lead so I seemed like a good fit. So we threw around ideas of doing Blade’s daughter and when they announced it, Marvel was in a weird place because they had announced the hip-hop covers and a lot of people saw ‘here’s another black lead with an all-white creative team’ and you know it’s valid and definitely the case.”

Seeley described Fallon Grey to CBR, as an “anti-Peter Parker.” He elaborates, “She’s popular, well liked, and everyone around her thinks she has the future by the balls. But those kind of expectations come with their own stresses, and part of Fallon’s story will be dealing with what people expect her to be.”

As for Fallon’s relationship with Blade, Seeley added, “Initially, their relationship [between Blade and Fallon] is all about what they share — a stubborn refusal to change or see new viewpoints.” He continues, “They’ll be completely and totally antagonistic, and the fun will be in seeing whether a guy like Blade can become a father, and whether a girl like Fallon can become a student and a daughter.”

Do you want to see an R-rated Blade film starring Wesley Snipes? Would you be interested in seeing him train his daughter or even team-up with her to take on vampires?

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