On March 4th, a fan tweeted both a compliment on his work and asked about the possibility of a new fighter in the next Tekken entry to outspoken Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada. The fan asked Harada if there was any chance of a Nordic, Viking-themed fighter due to Tekken’s history of representation:

Harada responded to the fan, stating that while he would be interested in the challenge presented in designing a character with a Viking theme, there are too many people who would label the character as a racist stereotype:

Harada would then pivot from speaking about the issue with designing that specific character, to his distaste for the hyper-sensitivity of fans who complain about and deride perceived ‘problematic’ elements in every aspect of modern culture:

Harada’s stance is an outlier in the modern fighting game scene. Recently, a stream hosted by EVO Japan was cut off during a live stream announcement of Mai Shiranui as a guest fighter in Dead or Alive 6. It was shut down mid-stream by EVO President Joey Cuellar due to two Japanese models mimicking the soft body physics in-between demo matches, stating that the stream did not represent the organization’s “core values.” Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition tones down the more revealing outfits of their fighters in PAL versions of the game compared to the fighters in the original Japanese version.

A fan was quick to point out to Harada that those who complain about these aspects are not representative of the entire fanbase, to which Harada agreed and confirmed that these people would have no effect on his work:

What do you make of Harada’s comments? Do you agree with him?

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