Noah Hawley, the creator of FX’s Legion, had been announced to direct a Doctor Doom movie at San Diego Comic Con in 2017.

However, with the Disney/Fox merger, the status of the movie was in limbo in January last year with Hawley indicating no one from Marvel Studios had called him yet.

That has changed, Hawley admitted he has met with Marvel Studios Kevin Feige about Doctor Doom. Hawley spoke with The Hollywood Reporter at SXSW where he played coy about Doctor Doom asking, “Should I still be working on it?”

The Hollywood Reporter did describe that Hawley talked about his vision for Doctor Doom that would see the film be more of a geopolitical thriller rather than a normal superhero movie.

He described that Doom would create a dome over his fictional homeland of Latveria and invite a female journalist to act as his voice to the world. The Hollywood Reporter insinuated this female journalist would be the protagonist and would not have superpowers.

Hawley had announced he finished his Doctor Doom script in 2018.

The creator of Fargo also touched on whether or not Disney will try to tap him for Disney+, “I think FX [where Hawley has been based for the past five years] is protective of me.”

Are you interested in seeing Hawley direct a Doctor Doom movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Do you like his idea of a Doctor Doom movie? Who would you want to play Doctor Doom?