New Care Bears Series Announced

IDW Publishing is teaming up with Cloudco Entertainment to produce a new Care Bears comic book series.

The series will be feature a story from Matthew Erman and Nadia Shammas with illustrations by Agnes Garbowska. IDW indicates the series will expand on the Care Bears: Unlock the Magic streaming series and will feature new content.

Care Bears

“I am extremely excited to be working on Care Bears since it was such a huge part of my childhood and impacted me greatly. I hope the series brings the same love and joy to new fans as it did for me,” says Agnes Garbowska.

John Barber, Editor-in-Chief of IDW Publishing, says, “Care Bears has been a touchstone for generations. I had their toys and stuffed animals when I was a kid, and my daughter has them now. They’re characters parents and kids get to share — and just like the Care Bears: Unlock the Magicanimated series, our comic brings them into modern times while staying true to the characters we love!”

“We’re thrilled to be collaborating with IDW Publishing on a new comic book series that will appeal to Care Bears fans of all ages. Care Bears #1 introduces fresh content to our heritage fans while creating a new and exciting world for young fans to explore,” says Sean Gorman, President, Cloudco Entertainment.

IDW described the series in a press release:

“Welcome to The Silver Lining in Care Bears #1 – a mystical realm full of mirth and magic! The Care Bears, along with their pals the Whiffles, protect this realm from the negative influence of the mischievous Bluster and his Bad Crowd! With engaging, unique characters and an irreverent and heartwarming sense of humor, this new comic book is perfect for anyone looking for more magic in their lives!”

The first issue will feature a regular cover by Agnes Gabrowska and a special variant edition by Tony Fleecs. The series is expected to debut sometime this July.