Terminator: Dark Fate actress Linda Hamilton spoke to Variety while at CinemaCon where she roasted the recent Terminator movies.

Hamilton, who was at CinemaCon to promote Terminator: Dark Fate, called the most recent Terminator films “very forgettable.” Hamilton would state she had seen most of the recent Terminator films, but she did not see Terminator: Genisys which starred Emilia Clarke, Jason Clarke, and Jai Courtney alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger.

She would also clarify saying, “And I wanted them to be good, you know you start something and you’re invested in the franchise, but somehow the characters that you care about weren’t there. Too many people, too many story points and the focus of just a few people that you are rooting for [isn’t there].” She noted in Terminator: Dark Fate they’re “narrowing down the focus again so that it will echo the first two films.”

When Hamilton was asked how many Terminator films she’s signed on for, she joked, “I’m going to fake my own death so I don’t have to do another one.”

Hamilton also told Variety that she gave considerable thought to returning for Terminator: Dark Fate:

“I gave it probably six weeks of intense thinking and consideration before deciding to do it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to. I didn’t want it to look like a shameless money grab. I am living this quiet, lovely life that doesn’t involve being a celebrity, and you really have to think, do I really want to trade that in again for another 15 minutes?”

Hamilton first starred in The Terminator back in 1984 as Sarah Connor. She would go on to reprise her role in the groundbreaking Terminator 2: Judgement Day. She would do voice work for Terminator: Salvation in 2009, but would not participate in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Termiantor: Genisys.

Terminator: Dark Fate is potentially the first in a new trilogy. Terminator producer James Cameron spoke about his trilogy plans in July 2017:

“Right now we are leaning toward doing a three-film arc and reinventing it.”

The film is expected to be a direct sequel to Terminator 2: Judgement Day and that the movie will be able to introduce new characters for the movie to pass the baton too.

What do you make of Linda Hamilton’s comments about the recent Terminator films? Does it give you hope for Terminator: Dark Fate? What are you expecting from this new Terminator film with James Cameron producing?