Rotten Tomatoes has officially released their Tomatometer score for Hellboy and it’s a flaming disaster.

The Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer score currently sits at 10% with 39 reviews.

Hellboy Rotten Tomatoes

The critic consensus reads:

“Bereft of the imaginative flair that made earlier¬†Hellboys so enjoyable, this soulless reboot suggests Dante may have left a tenth circle out of his Inferno.”

Here’s what some of the reviewers are saying.

Katie Rife at the AV Club gives the film a C-. She writes, “The sentimental father-son subplot is Hellboy at its most laughably absurd, highlighting the chasm between its script and its direction.”

Alan Zilberman at The Washington Post gives the film a 1.5/4. He writes, “Marshall and screenwriter Andrew Cosby went overboard with their R-rating, introducing so much gore and profanity that it, quite frankly, gets dull. The flat performances and incoherent story do not help matters.”

Mark Kennedy at the Associated Press gave the film a 1/4. He writes, “It’s really a series of violent vignettes strung together, getting more and more outlandish and introducing characters at such a blistering pace that you just want it to stop already.”

Rafer Guzman at Newsday gives the movie a .5/4. He writes, “Violence and vulgarity replace the humor and poetry of Guillermo del Toro’s superhero films.”

William Bibbiani at TheWrap gave the film a positive review writing, “Captures the breathless quality of reading 30 issues of a single comic-book series in one sugar-addled afternoon, shoving as many amazing characters and storylines and images into one film as it can possibly hold.”

Grace Randolph at Beyond the Trailer says, “Why reboot if you’re just going to retread Del Toro’s work? This plays more like a streaming show than a movie, but – and I say this with respect – is gloriously gruesome if you’re into that.”

Vincent Mancini at Uproxx¬†gives Hellboy a B+. He writes, “Exuberantly gross and proudly ridiculous, this Hellboy feels like the picture Glenn Danzig sees in his head when he doodles in his notebook.”

The film is performing slightly better at MetaCritic. It has a Metascore of 34. It has 1 positive review, 14 mixed reviews, and 6 negative reviews.

Hellboy Metacritic

Hellboy is directed by Neil Marshall. The film stars David Harbour, Ian McShane, Milla Jovovich, Thomas Haden Church, Daniel Dae Kim, and Sasha Lane.

The film hits theaters on April 12th.

What do you make of these horrible scores? Do you think this could be a case of the critics getting the movie completely wrong and audiences loving it? Or do you think the critics might be on to something here?

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