TheScore Esports’ Daniel Rosen applauded Blizzard’s reported decision to ban the ‘Okay’ sign from the Overwatch League Arena.

In a short YouTube video, Rosen stated, “Doing the ‘Okay’ hand gesture is not okay. Blizzard was right to ban it and I’ll explain why.” Rosen explains why he believes Blizzard was right, “It might seem innocuous, but it’s been co-opted with ties to white supremacist movements.” Rosen points to the New Zealand shooter using the symbol as to why it’s problematic, “If you are still doubting me, that guy who killed 50 people at two mosques in New Zealand last month flashed the ‘okay’ hand gesture at his arraignment last month.”

The Washington Examiner notes the shooter wanted “to create conflict in the U.S. over gun control and the Second Amendment, deepening geographic, political, cultural, and racial fault lines that would lead to a civil war, setting up a worldwide conflict over race and reduce U.S. influence globally while ensuring the future of whites in North America.”

Nevertheless, Rosen continues, “Let’s be real here. The ‘Okay’ hand gesture is a f****** white supremacist thing now. Don’t be mad at Blizzard for banning it. Be mad at white supremacists for taking an innocent thing and ruining it.”

The Anti-Defamation League states, “the ‘OK’ gesture is a nearly universal hand gesture and most usage of it is completely innocuous. Even when used as described here, the fact that white supremacists, the alt lite and many Trump supporters all use the symbol means that one cannot assume that anyone who poses with such a gesture is intending or exhibiting an association with white supremacy.”

Rosen’s video was heavily criticized with over 32,000 people downvoting the video compared to only 2,600 giving it an upvote.

Not only did the video receive a ton of downvotes, but many people took to the comments to criticize Rosen’s thoughts on the subject with some openly mocking him for his poor logic.

What do you make of Rosen and TheScore Esport’s video? Do you agree with him or do you think he’s completely off his rocker?

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