Another log was put on Justice League’s Snyder Cut fire. The latest revelation of a deleted scene that actually features Darkseid was confirmed in an Instagram post by actor and stunt performer Nick McKinless. He played, or doubled, as Ares in the flashback scene showing the first invasion of Earth by Steppenwolf and his forces from Apokolips.

According to McKinless, a lot of prep went into that scene and more was going to be added in, including a fight between the God of War and a young Darkseid. He replied to an Instagram post by fan page DCEU Last Stand which updates its followers about everything related to the Snyder Cut. Many of those updates are things we have been reporting on.

McKinless’s reply made it into a screen grab that was posted on the Reddit page DC Cinematic. Confirming the existence of the fight scene, he wrote he trained for four months and didn’t receive any credit (David Thewlis, who played the part in Wonder Woman, is credited as Ares in Justice League too). He closed by thanking DCEU Last Stand and saying Zack Snyder “was amazing to work with.”

JL: Ares actor Nick Mckinless says they shot "A whole fight sequence with Darkseid". He trained 4 months for it but it was cut and he was not credited. from DC_Cinematic

Below is the original Instagram post showing what looks to be a promotional or test image of young Ares in Justice League next to Zeus, played by Sergi Constance. McKinless is tagged in the thread but his comment is deleted.

More background of McKinless’s prep, diet regimen, and time on board the movie can be gleaned from the trivia section of his IMDb bio.

Who played Darkseid hasn’t been revealed but that could come out at anytime the way things are going. The Snyder Cut is looking more plausible every day. We know Snyder had big plans for the alien tyrant. He was supposed to make an appearance at the end of Justice League that was scrapped and would’ve become a cataclysmic threat in the second movie.