Johnny Depp and his legal team have responded to the court video made by his ex-wife Amber Heard that claims Depp was abusive.

Depp is suing Heard for defamation after she wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post claiming to be a victim of domestic abuse. Depp’s lawsuit claims Heard was the abuser and that she chopped off his finger.

Heard’s deposition video indicates that Depp heavily used drugs and alcohol and destroyed their home and physically attacked her on multiple occasions. In one instance, Heard admits to attacking Depp, but claims she did it in defense of her sister.

Heard’s best friend Raquel Pennington described Depp destroying their apartment:

“They have a big kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen and on there, there’s candles and like fruit and you know, glass — like jars and vases and things like that. And he just was hitting everything with the wine bottle, just smashing it all off. So their was fruit on the floor and baskets, you know, glass bottles and flowers.”

She added, “you could see wine spilled all over the ground wine on the walls.”

In a statement made to The Blast, Depp’s attorney Adam Waldman rebuffs Heard’s domestic abuse claims, “Having been caught by 19 sworn eyewitness statements, 87 surveillance videotapes, audio tape and photographs faking her claims, Ms. Heard has decided to concoct new fake claims of abuse.”

The Blast reports Depp’s legal team views the deposition video from Heard as a “hoax.”

Waldman explains Heard’s claims are disputed by police officers who arrived at the scene:

“Yet 25 minutes after the horrific scene described by Ms. Heard and her two friends, two police officers, male and female, trained in domestic abuse and responding to a domestic abuse call observed and interviewed Ms. Heard twice and performed two security sweeps of the entire premises.”

Waldman told The Blast that the officers did not see any signs of destruction and that they described Heard as “perfect-faced Ms. Heard.”

In fact, Waldman points to testimony from LAPD Officer Tyler Hadden. Hadden testified that he did not see any signs of a crime having been committed, no vandalism, no broken bottles or shattered glass, no spilled wine, and no broken picture frames.

He also cites LAPD Officer Melissa Saenz’s testimony when it comes to Heard’s alleged injuries. Saenz testified that she did not see any marks on Heard’s face, did not see any swelling or injury to her face, and, did not see any bruises or marks on her cheeks.

Waldman also pointed to a security videotape that appears to show Heard without any injuries to her face when she left the apartment building 3 days after the alleged abuse took place.

Waldman also believes that the photos Heard used to show the destruction and alleged abuse are doctored.

“Ms. Heard dutifully but fraudulently produced pictures, with no metadata, to the Court purporting to show a ‘destroyed’ penthouse so she could obtain her temporary restraining order.”

According to The Blast, Depp’s legal team believes Heard might have perjured herself.  They note that Heard only admitted to hitting Depp once in her most recent deposition, but she had confessed to “multiple” attacks in a 2016 deposition.

Waldman noted that he already has multiple witnesses lined up who will testify that it was Heard who committed acts of “serial violence” against Johnny Depp.

All this comes amid reports that Warner Bros. is “freaking out” about the future of their Harry Potter spin-off franchise, Fantastic Beasts. Johnny Depp stars as Gellert Grindelwald in the franchise.

While Warner Bros. executives are reportedly freaking out over Depp, fans have created a petition to remove Amber Heard from Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Aquaman sequel.

What do you make of Depp’s legal team’s response? Who do you believe? Johnny Depp or Amber Heard?




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