A prominent online creator has recently been caught attempting to find and reveal another person’s personal information in an alleged effort to deplatform and bring a lawsuit against a pop-culture critic.

Kaylyn Saucedo, also known by her online handle MarzGurl, is an internet content creator best known for her work on the popular Channel Awesome YouTube channel and for reviews and discussions hosted on her own self-titled channel, MarzGurl. On the weekend of April 27th, a Facebook post made by Saucedo began to circulate across social media in which Saucedo makes a plea to her audience to assist her in finding and revealing the real-world identity of YouTube pop culture critic YellowFlashGuy, with the intention of serving him with a lawsuit and deplatforming him from social media sites such as Twitter and Youtube:

Channel Awesome's MarzGurl Calls for Assistance in Deplatforming Youtube Critic YellowFlashGuy

A screenshot of the Facebook post made by Saucedo to a private Facebook group calling for assistance in finding YellowFlashGuy’s personal information.

Saucedo cites “harmful, defamatory things about [her] that are untrue, as well as monetizing [her] image” as the reasons behind her desire to file a lawsuit against YellowFlashGuy. It is of note that by Saucedo’s own admission, she previously reached out to both an unspecified police department and the FBI for their assistance but found that “both have just blown me off,” but was met with a response (presumably by the lawyer she had spoken with) which suggested that she instead “combat his information with information of my own […] that I make an unceasing and tirelessly strong and concentrated effort to combat their lies with my truth” leading to speculation that her claims were found baseless. She has now apparently turned her hopes towards unnamed “congress persons” for assistance in her deplatforming campaign.

In calling for assistance from “ANYBODY who can help me identity and locate YellowFlash,” Saucedo appears to be advocating for YellowFlashGuy, who goes by an anonymous internet handle and does not draw attention to his personal life in his content, to be ‘doxxed’, which is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

slang : to publicly identify or publish private information about (someone) especially as a form of punishment or revenge

Saucedo and YellowFlashGuy have had a longstanding and contentious relationship, mostly centered around their conflicting ideologies regarding their differing opinions regarding the #KickVic social media movement (which aims to remove Dragon Ball Super: Broly and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood voice actor Vic Mignogna from the industry in the face of sexual misconduct allegations). The mutual disdain shared between the two is due to Saucedo’s vocal support of the #KickVic movement, whilst YellowFlashGuy stands firmly in support of the opposing Mignogna support movement, #IStandWithVic. This difference in opinion has led to the exchange of numerous taunts and barbs on social media between the two, including calls by Saucedo to false flag YellowFlashGuy’s YouTube Channel, but had not yet before escalated to real world action.

When the post was brought to Saucedo’s attention, Saucedo confirmed that she had posted the call to arms, but defended her action by stating that it was not a public call because the post was made to a private Facebook group (Archive link: http://archive.is/WsSdt):

It is currently unknown what further legal actions, if any, Saucedo plans to take in regards to YellowFlashGuy.

In response to this admission, YellowFlashGuy simply responded with two tweets, one mocking Saucedo’s anger at her post becoming public and the other victoriously thanking her for her admission:

What do you make of Saucedo’s calls to dox YellowFlashGuy? And her reported contact of law enforcement officials?