Moviegoers found the theatrical version of Zack Snyder’s Justice League lacking considerably. Of course, it was shorter than intended and a lot was left underdeveloped.

One thing Snyder meant to explore was the back story of Cyborg. Actor Ray Fisher said months ago the idiosyncratic director had enough footage for two movies and would’ve made Cyborg “S-tier” in terms of character status and power level.

To the surprise of no one, Fisher has his misgivings over how the film and his arc worked out. There were supposed to be more scenes and interplay between Victor Stone and his father Silas (Joe Morton), who augmented his son with a Mother Box in order to save him from near death. More of their strained relationship was going to be evident and Snyder also wanted to explore the death of Victor’s mom — like Doom Patrol is doing.

Fisher appeared at Wizard World Comic Con and talked about what could’ve been. Video of his appearance made it onto the DC Cinematic Reddit page.

JL: Ray Fisher says the death of Victor’s mother and his relationship with his father weren’t fully represented in the film. from DC_Cinematic

Snyder might have had more in store for Victor’s prowess and background as a football player too. A full football sequence was shot and never used aside from a few clips in flashbacks and trailers. Fisher shared a never-before-seen snippet from behind the scenes. He and a panoply of extras stage a play on a field featuring a crowd, a green screen, some fake snow, and a big fan.

Not much can be gleaned from the short clip. Fisher doesn’t hint that it’s part of a larger scene or series of events but between it and his comments at Wizard World it’s clear there is more to Cyborg than we got. And why wouldn’t there be? Snyder said himself there’s more footage out there and it’s on Warner Bros. to release it.

Justice League was meant to have a 2 1/2-hour runtime and a sequel that was in development long before its own November 2017 release. Cyborg, though mostly dismantled, played a key role in stopping Darkseid by sending Flash to the past.