Graphic artist Boss Logic, who recently crafted one of the many official posters for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame, showed off his talent with a gut-wrenching Iron Man poster and a truly heroic, and inspiring Captain America poster.

After the official spoiler ban from the Russo brothers was lifted on Monday, May 6th, Boss Logic debuted his inspiring and epic Captain America poster.

The poster shows Captain America wielding Thor’s Mjolnir and calling down the lightning. In the background Captain America appears ready to march into battle as he casually looks behind him with his shield on the back. Emblazoned across the poster is the word, “Worthy.”

While not a new poster, he would also show off a creation he did last August that showed Captain America and Peggy Carter finally getting that dance. That vision would actually be showcased in the film as Captain America created an alternate dimension when he returned the Infinity Stones. In that alternate dimension, he got to have that dance with Peggy Carter, and we can only assume he got married to her and had many a happy day with her.

Then Boss Logic debuted his Iron Man tribute simply writing, “WE-❤️-U-3000 @RobertDowneyJr.”

Much like the Captain America poster, the poster features Tony Stark in his Iron Man armor. However, the suit is coming apart as the energy of the Infinity Gauntlet ravages his body. In the background, Tony’s loves are shown in his daughter, Morgan, his wife, Pepper Potts, and his protege, Peter Parker aka Spider-Man. You also see his best friend Happy. Each one is shown with Tony as he shows them love and affection. It is truly a gut-wrenching poster that will conjure up Tony’s emotional death in Avengers: Endgame.

What do you make of these posters? Do you think they are fitting tributes to these two iconic Avengers?

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