An alleged leaked Game of Thrones spoiler reveals who claims the Iron Throne.

Not only does this alleged leak reveal who claims the Iron Throne, but they also provide information leading up to just how they claim the Iron Throne including the fate of Cersei, Jon Snow, Daenerys, Tyrion, and Jamie.

The alleged leak has some validity as it confirmed a number of things that happened in Episode 4 before the episode aired. The leak noted that Sansa would tell Tyrion about Jon Snow’s lineage and that he would relay it to Varys.

Following a massive battle between Cersei’s forces, which include the Golden Company, and Daenerys’ forces, Cersei ends up on the losing end. While Daenerys and her forces might only have one dragon left, Drogon is a force to be reckoned with.

The dragon reportedly destroys the Red Keep and incinerates Euron Greyjoy’s fleet. With Daenerys’ forces seemingly claiming victory, Cersei retreats into the room with the “catapult things.”

It’s a needless retreat as Drogon pursues her and, according to the alleged leak, burns down the Iron Throne. It’s unclear exactly how Jamie and Cersei die, but the leak claims they die together.

With Daenerys’ forces victorious, she apparently lets the power get to her and begins executing people left and right. This reportedly ticks off Jon Snow and Tyrion, who attempt to stop her.

However, in what looks like a radical change in character, Jon Snow betrays Daenerys and reportedly runs her threw.

With both Daenerys and Cersei off the board. That only leaves Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, Tyrion and a few other minor players left to claim leadership of Westeros.

Neither of these individuals end up becoming the ruler of Westeros according to the leak. A small council of Tyrion, Davos, Samwell Tarly, and Bronn vote to make Bran Stark the next King of Westeros.

Jon Snow takes the black and once again joins the Night’s Watch.

What do you make of this alleged leak? Do you think this is how it will play out? Do you think this is a satisfying ending to Game of Thrones?

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