Former Spawn actor and comedian John Leguizamo took to Twitter to claim “Trump is destroying our country to satisfy Putin!”

Leguizamo quote tweeted Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, who claimed the country is at war in three different countries and is “inching toward conflict in 2 more.” The Super Mario Bros. added his own thoughts writing, “Trump is destroying our country to satisfy Puting! Probably what that 90 minute call was about last week! Putin blackmailing trump!”

After a lengthy investigation of President Donald and his aides, Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s report was summarized by Attorney General Bill Barr. The Attorney General’s four-page summary found that the President nor any of his associates on the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 election.

Leguizamo is no stranger to commenting on politics. Back in June of 2018, he took to Twitter to declare:

“No more playing nice with Republicans because they have never played nice back!! Fight back and fight back smart and til the bitter end!! F&k civility! They ain’t never been civil!!”

Leguizamo also attacked Latin people who happen to be Republicans. In an interview with CNN back in 2012, Leguizamo compared Latin people who vote for Republicans to “roaches for Raid.”

“Latin people for Republicans are like roaches for raid.” He added, ““It doesn’t make sense. [Republicans are] not for us. You’re not for my values. We’re working class people mostly and blue collar. We’re your cops, we’re your firemen, we’re your carpenters and the things we need – we need to protect our unions, we need to protect our Medicare, we need to protect the working class person.”

Leguizamo more recently played Aurelio and John Wick: Chapter 2 and Ozzy Delvecchio in the TV series Bloodline. He will play Hipólito Kubin in the upcoming Hypno television series

What do you make of Leguizamo’s comments? Do you agree with his thoughts on the President? What about his ideas on Latin people voting for Republicans?