Reddit user iMizurri mocked up Zac Efron as Adam Warlock after rumors indicate the Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile star could be at the top of the list to play the Marvel character.

Take a look:

Been hearing a rumor about Zac Efron being eye’d to play Adam Warlock in GOTG3? Not 100% but here is an edit I made of him, hope you like it! from marvelstudios

Rumors recently surfaced that Efron could be playing Adam Warlock in James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

The character was teased in the post-credit scene of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 when High Priestess Ayesha of the Sovereign reveals she’s created a new birth pod.

She specifically states, “That, my child, is the next step in our evolution. More powerful, more beautiful, more capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy. I think I shall call him Adam.”

Along with Efron rumored to be playing Adam Warlock, the film will also allegedly feature the High Evolutionary as the main villain. The High Evolutionary was an adopted father to Adam Warlock in the comics and even recruited Warlock to help him defeat Beast Man and reclaim the planet called Counter-Earth.

It’s quite possible the Sovereign might actually worship the High Evolutionary. Ayesha’s title is High Priestess indicating their society is based on some kind of religious structure. Not only that, but The Sovereign are genetically engineered, which fit in perfectly to the High Evolutionary’s abilities. His abilities involve evolving species to a greater state. In the comics, he would evolve animals into humanoid life forms.

Ayesha explains the genetic engineered nature of The Sovereign people, “Every citizen is born exactly as designed by the community. Impeccable, both physically and mentally. We control the DNA of our progeny, germinating them in birthing pods.” She goes on to tell Star-Lord, “Well, perhaps someday you could give me a history lesson of the archaic ways of our ancestors. For academic purposes.”

That indicates The Sovereign might have evolved from humanity, given she is addressing Star-Lord, who she believes is from Earth. At this point in the movie, it has not been revealed that Star-Lord’s father is Ego.

The High Evolutionary was originally a biologist from Earth, who eventually experimented on himself and achieved a god-like status. It’s quite possible The Sovereign are the result of genetic engineering by the High Evolutionary.

What do you make of Zac Efron as Adam Warlock? Do you think The Sovereign could actually worship the High Evolutionary?

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