Legendary Star Wars actor Mark Hamill revealed his reaction when he learned that Luke Skywalker had kissed his sister, Princess Leia.

Hamill had been asked earlier this month when he learned that Leia and Luke were related. Hamill played coy responding, “Judging by this photo, TOO late.”

However, he would eventually reveal his initial reaction upon discovering when he found out the two were brother and sister. A fan asked Hamill what was going on in a picture where the then young Mark Hamill has an absolute look of shock on his face.

Hamill revealed the reason why he looks so shocked is that it was “the moment I realized I kissed my sister. #Innocestuous”

Fans of the Star Wars franchise will remember that Luke and Leia kiss when the two are attempting to escape the Death Star in the original Star Wars film.

Luke and Leia would then have a good, long kiss in The Empire Strikes Back.

Luke would not learn that Princess Leia was his sister until Return of the Jedi.

This isn’t the only old photo Hamill has been bringing to light from the original Star Wars films. Earlier this week, Hamill shared a photo from Luke Skywalker’s fight with Darth Vader at the end of Empire Strikes Back.

What do you make of Hamill’s reaction upon learning that Luke Skywalker had made out with his sister Princess Leia? Do you remember your reaction when you first learned that Princess Leia was Luke Skywalker’s sister?