The CW recently released their first trailer for the upcoming Batwoman show starring Ruby Rose and fans are expressing their thoughts with some people digging it with others not having any of it.

First, the people who were loving it.

While some are interested in the show, they did have some fears based on a number of lines of dialogue featured in the trailer.

One person even indicated they would only watch the show for actress Ruby Rose.

Quite a bit of folks did not have any interest in the show whatsoever.

Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers described the trailer as “nothing man bad, woman good message.” He elaborated, “Everything has got to be political with these nutjobs. It’s all about identity politics.”

A number of people also criticized Rose’s acting skills shown in the trailer.

Cringey dialogue was a huge complaint among a number of fans.

What was your favorite fan reaction? What did you think about the trailer? Are you interested in seeing Batwoman? What did you make of Ruby Rose’s acting?