A video has surfaced on Twitter showing Terminator star and the former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger getting jump-kicked in the back in South Africa.

Independent journalist Nick Monroe posted the video to his Twitter account stating, “Arnold Schwarzenegger gets attacked in South Africa.”

In the video, you can see Arnold taking a video with some fans in what appears to be some kind of gymnasium.

All of a sudden a man comes flying in behind and Arnold, leaps into the air, and kicks him in the back.

The force of the blow knocks Arnold forward and off camera, and you hear a crashing sound.

The man who attacked Arnold is quickly detained by what appears to be a member of Arnold’s security team.

Following the attack, it definitely appears as if people were injured. You can hear a man shouting, “Help me!” It’s unclear if it is the attacker or someone calling for help.

Monroe provided an update indicating he doesn’t know why Schwarzenegger attacked.

Schwarzenegger had recently updated his Twitter indicating he was in Africa showcasing over 90 sports for the Arnold Sports Festival in Africa.

Schwarzenegger had been posing and taking in all of the sports throughout the day as documented by the Arnold Sports twitter.

The festival kicked off in Johannesburg.

What do you make of this attack against Arnold Schwarzenegger?

No matter what you might have made of this attack against Arnold Schwarzenegger at a sports extravaganza named after him to be specific, the entire news is not only bewildering, but also mildly hilarious and quite shocking. With Arnold Schwarzenegger out there in South Africa, advocating for the chance of sports and fitness for all, and continuously posting on his Twitter handle about all of it, it is quite the shocker that someone from the local community would go ahead and kick him in the back. What is more of a surprise is that Arnold himself has not talked about it at all after the incident, choosing to ignore it. In fact, it would never even have made it into the news if independent journalist Nick Monroe had not recorded the video and posted it online. Who was this mystery kicker, we wonder! For best sportsbook lists, check Meta.reviews.

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