Today’s cosplay of the day is cosplayer Enji Night as Persona 5’s Ann Takamaki.

Enji Night debuted the cosplay at Freak Con in Spain back in March.

Enji Night captioned her first look at Ann Takamaki writing, “This is how my Ann Takamaki Panther version looks like!! ”

She would also show off a video of her in her Ann Takamaki cosplay.

Ann Takamaki is one of the main characters in Persona 5. She is a second year student at Shujin Academy. She reveals that she is a 1/4 American and thus taller than normal young woman her age. In fact, Ann is quite new to the school having lived abroad. She eventually befriends Shiho Suzui and the two quickly develop a strong bond. She would also quickly befriend the protagonist aka Joker after the two reveal they are the victims of rumors and gossip.

Ann eventually reveals her Phantom Thief persona after she is captured by the volleyball coach, Kamoshida. Kamoshida begins torturing Ann in his palace and even reveals that since she rejected his sexual advances, he assaulted her friend Shiho.

Ann, with the help of Joker and Ryuji finds her inner strength and releases her Persona named Carmen. She uses Carmen to help defeat Kamoshida and expose his wicked ways.  She then joins the Phantom Thieves and helps them on their adventures to unravel a number of mysteries and change the hearts of those who are doing wrong.

While participating in her Phantom Thief duties, Ann dons the outfit worn by Enji Night and calls herself Panther in order to conceal her identity.

Here’s some of her highlights.

Ann is voiced by Japanese voice actor Nana Mizuki and English voice actor Erika Harlacher. She prefers to use whips as her melee weapon and submachine guns as her ranged weapon.

What do you make of Enji Night’s Ann Takamaki cosplay?

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