Director Patty Jenkins Frustrated By Wonder Woman 1984’s New Release Date – For A Good Reason!

Wonder Woman 1984 director Patty Jenkins recently expressed her frustration on the new release date for Wonder Woman 1984.

Last October, Gal Gadot announced Warner Bros. pushed back Wonder Woman 1984 seven months so it would have a 2020 summer release date.

In a new interview, Jenkins revealed she was the catalyst for having the film pushed back.

“They were wanting to move it up much earlier. And I was like ‘You guys, it’s got to be the summer of 2020, like it’s got to be!’ And that was what I always wanted.”

But she also indicated that she is now frustrated with the new release date. But it’s not what you might expect. Now that the film is wrapped and presentable for screening audiences, she is second-guessing her decision out of excitement, wishing she could release it earlier.

“And now, I’ve just screened a version of the film and I’m like ‘Oh my God, can we move it back up again?’ I’m dying to release this film! But of course it’s good and it’s fine, but it’s frustrating to have to wait.”

As happy as she is, the screening must have been successful and could bear good tidings for the sequel. Jenkins is making the interview rounds and can’t contain her excitement.

Jenkins is proud of herself but probably won’t get a new release date. Everybody has their heart set on next summer including star Gal Gadot who called June Wonder Woman’s “rightful home” in a tweet.

Plus, Warner Bros. is satisfied with the move since it gives the project extra time to simmer, as Charles Roven explained:

“We always wanted the date that we are on right now. The studio felt that until their slate for the year before came together — and they had an amazing end of 2018 — that they needed to have a big what I call aircraft carrier, a ‘tentpole’, in [2019]. We had a very rushed pre-production because Patty also did the TNT show and we had a very rushed post-production schedule in order to make the date that we were on, which was November 1, 2019. We were doing it because the studio said they really needed it, and then at a certain point they came to us and they said, ‘You know what, you guys are right. Let’s go back to the month that you guys released Wonder Woman 1 in, and take the extra time.'”

With the success of Aquaman and Shazam!, and the hype surrounding Birds of Prey and the next Suicide Squad, it’s hard to argue against the studio’s rationale.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on June 5, 2020, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, and Robin Wright.

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