James Gunn has his complete cast and will move into production on The Suicide Squad later this year. We don’t know too much about the plot but that could be starting to change.

The Geeks WorldWide claim to have obtained an audition sample for the movie sent out by an agency. Audition samples, or sample scenes (also called sides), are sent out by agents to actors who want to read for a part. They don’t always have anything to do with a film’s plot but to GWW that doesn’t seem like the case in this instance.

The sample reads as follows:

“Unknown: Hey, is that the prison?

The General: The Nazis came here after World War II, seeking asylum. They built the prison as a way to continue their unorthodox experiments. That was until the Lloreta family accepted a bounty on the Nazis’ heads and killed them all.

Unknown: Wowza.

The General: The prison endured as a haven for these nefarious experiments outside the grasp of international laws. Many many years ago, rumors began of a beast living within its bowls. These dark rumors helped the Lloreta family maintain power. They would send their political enemies and their families to the fortress never to return. I’ve recently learned that these rumors are not rumors; they murdered thousands of people in bizarre experiments with this creature.

Unknown: Holy cow. I mean, that must be a big relief to get your hands on it now, huh?

The General: Absolutely. Now it is our enemies who shall be fearful. And anyone who has anything negative to say about their new General, they, their parents, their children, and anyone they ever loved can be sent to that prison to feed the beast.”

As copy, it reads a little hokey, as if it came from a comic and not a movie script. But there is some credence to its authenticity.

The General is rumored as a villain for the film. Oscar Isaac was once believed to be a frontrunner for the part. His breakdown, as GWW reports, says he is:

“handsome, charming, very physically fit, an ambitious General,’ who you just ‘love when you meet him.'”

Idris Elba’s role hasn’t been revealed yet so he is a possibility too. Having played General-type characters in [easyazon_link identifier=”0739468928″ locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Beasts of No Nation[/easyazon_link] and [easyazon_link identifier=”B00FWLDHSY” locale=”US” tag=”boundingintocomics-20″]Pacific Rim[/easyazon_link], Elba as The General is highly likely, though most rumors indicate he will fill the void left by Will Smith, just not as Deadshot.

Then there is this business of a creature. GWW thinks it might be a MacGuffin that fits another well-publicized character breakdown for a “muscular alien woman.” However, the beast in question could also be King Shark, who is announced for the film and has a nasty appetite.

Evidently, the prison it occupies is in South America. Prisons, experiments, and South America conjure up another notorious figure: Bane. Perhaps the beast is no creature at all and, instead, a man who knows a thing or two about power and intimidation, although we have no indication this will be a reality.

Some fans hoped to see the man who broke the Bat make his first appearance in Warner’s DC Extended Universe via The Suicide Squad. Dave Bautista, wrestler and close friend of James Gunn, was a name dropped for that part — but the Drax actor, up for the part of Peacemaker, was unable to sign on for the picture due to his schedule.

What do you think of the sample? Does it spoil the plot? Leave a comment.

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