Neon Genesis Evangelion and Yu-Gi-Oh! voice actress Megumi Ogata recently described her experience as the victim of a sexual assault by a gay man in the Shinjuku ward of Tokyo.

Ogata gave voice to Shinji Ikari in Neon Evangelion. She also voiced Sailor Uranos in Sailor Moon. She voiced Yugi Mutou in Yu-Gi-Oh!. More recently, she provided the voice to Itona Horibe in Assassination Classroom.

On May 22nd, Ogata described the incident in a post to her personal Twitter account. According to Ogata, she was brazenly groped by a gay man who mistook the actress for another gay man, before being accused by the same man of being a lesbian simply due to the presence of a female friend who was accompanying Ogata in the Golden Gai district:

Though the original tweet is in Ogata’s native Japanese, SoraNews24 has since provided an English translation:

“Just now, I was walking through Golden Gai. As I passed by a gay man who I’d never met before, he grabbed my chest and said ‘At first I thought you were a gay guy, but it turns out you’re a lesbian’ (the woman I was with, Ms. P, is just a platonic friend I was drinking with).

I have no personal prejudice against LGBT people, but his actions qualify as sexual harassment.”

According to SoraNews24, a member of the Golden Gai neighborhood association responded to Ogata’s story by suggesting that Ogata contact the association directly in an attempt to identify the man, though it is currently unknown what actions, if any, Ogata intends to take regarding the unknown assailant.

What do you make of Ogata’s claim?

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