Rumors have begun circulating that Dragon Ball Super and My Hero Academia voice actress Jamie Marchi has been fired from Funimation due to a casting change regarding one of Marchi’s current voice acting roles.

Last month, a discussion thread titled [Master Thread] Strike Witches: 501st JOINT FIGHTER WING Take Off! (Dubbed) was started on the Funimation ‘Current Season Discussion’ forum. Originally, the opening post of the topic simply provided a short summary of the series alongside a list of the English ADR team and the English language voice cast, including Jamie Marchi as Charlotte ‘Shirley’ Yeager. However, a recent update to the opening post indicates that Marchi will not be voicing Yeager in the upcoming sixth episode of the series, with Magical Girl Raising Project voice actor Katelynn Barr stepping in for Marchi:

Jamie Marchi’s Replacemed in Strike Witches: 501st Joint Fighter Wing, Sparking Rumors of Firing From Funimation

A screenshot of the updated opening post in the 501st Join Fighter Wing megathread listing Katelyn Barr as Shirley in Episode 6.

Following the announcement of Marchi’s replacement, rumors began to circulate that this replacement indicated that Marchi had been fired by Funimation. This rumor was met with various opinions among fans as some celebrated, some reached out to Marchi out of concern to confirm, and others reminded audiences that this announcement was merely a rumor:

The listing for episode six of 501st JOINT FIGHTER WING states that Barr is “STEPPING IN FOR” Marchi, which could indicate that this replacement was temporary, most likely in order to meet their simulcast obligations. As of writing, Marchi’s firing from Funimation remains unconfirmed as neither Funimation nor Marchi have publicly addressed the subject.

What do you make of this rumor?