In response to the swaths of negative criticism being directed towards a deleted Captain Marvel scene, Disney has begun to issue copyright strikes against YouTubers using footage of the clip in their commentary videos.

On May 30th, Jeremy Griggs, owner and founder of the geek-culture website Geeks + Gamers, announced and provided evidence in a tweet that Disney had blocked his Captain-Marvel-deleted-scene criticism video through the use of YouTube’s copyright-strike system:

Griggs was not the only one hit by the copyright strike, as other YouTubers reported that their criticism videos had also been blocked by Disney, including Matt Jarbo, aka MundaneMatt:

YouTube Critic MauLer:

YouTube Channel Fan Advocacy Network:

Julie, the owner of the YouTube channel WishedUpon AVlog:

And YouTuber That Star Wars Girl, who notified her audience of the strike in a YouTube video:

While YouTube’s copyright system exists to prevent users from making money from the unauthorized use of copyrighted content, the videos struck by Disney fall under the category of fair use, which is also supported by YouTube, who defines fair use as including “works of commentary, criticism, research, teaching, or news reporting.” While YouTube does state that one focus of fair use is the “transformative” quality of the content and “whether it adds new expression or meaning to the original, or whether it merely copies from the original,” they also note that “Even if you’ve added a little something of your own to someone else’s content, you might not be able to take advantage of the fair use defense — particularly if your creation fails to add new expression, meaning, or message to the original.”

The videos initially struck by Disney remain unavailable on each creator’s respective YouTube channels, though some have already begun the process of appealing their respective claims. As of writing, no official statement regarding these copyright claims has been issued by Marvel, Disney, or YouTube.

What do you make of these copyright claims against the YouTubers?